NEWS! Disney World Annual Passholders Will See A One-Month Extension Added to Their Pass Soon!

Recently, we shared that Disney announced a one-month extension being offered to Disney World Annual Passholders, on top of the extension they can get for the length of the closure in lieu of a partial refund.

Annual Passholder Magnet

We now know that this automatic extension should be visible on My Disney Experience soon!

Disney did not provide a specific date, but noted that Passholders should see the extension on their My Disney Experience account in the coming weeks.

Passholder Entrance

As an alternative options, Annual Passholders may choose to cancel their passes and receive any applicable refunds in lieu of the one-month extension.  If the Passholder wishes to cancel, they may call V.I.Passholder Support at 407-939-7277 for support. Passholders may choose to cancel their pass up until August 11th.

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If you are an Annual Passholder who has paid in full, cancelling your pass will result in a partial refund on your pass. If you are on the monthly payment plan and decide to cancel, any payment made before August 11th will be waived, and the monthly payments will then stop.

Are you a Disney World Annual Passholder? Have you made a decision on whether you will cancel your pass or receive the one-month extension? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “NEWS! Disney World Annual Passholders Will See A One-Month Extension Added to Their Pass Soon!”

  1. I am on the annual pass monthly payment plan. I was charged my monthly rate in mid March about the time as the park closed. My annual pass was due to expire and/or renew at the end of May. I always renew my annual pass and was going to do so again once the parks opened. Disney refunded my March monthly payment at the end of May. After a phone call wanting to keep my annual pass active Disney took back the March payment in early June (at my request) and reactivated my annual pass. They did not reactivate my wife’s annual pass so after a phone call and a chat instead of reactivating my wife’s pass they deactivated my pass, although we made it perfectly clear we intended to keep our annual pass active. My wife and I have spent up to 10 hours on the phone, on Disney chats and making several trips to the park to try to resolve the issue. No one seems to be able to help. Once we were turned away from the park completely and once after holding on the phone for 1.5 hours Disney hung up on us. Although they say they understand our problem we cannot make park reservations or visit the park without a great deal of time and effort. We have been told to just wait and are told that they cannot tell us when they will have issues with our annual passes resolved. My wife and I also have annual passes to Sea World and Universal and have not experienced the same problems.

  2. Definitely canceling. Will wait until things return to normal and able to enjoy the full Disney experience and get what we originally paid for.

  3. On the fence on whether to take the extension or refund, i guess it depends how long i think this limited magic at the parks will continue with no fireworks,parades,shows and mandatory masks will continue. I know i have to decide by August 11th as Disney has informed me by an email.