NEWS! Disneyland Annual Passholders Will Receive an Automatic Extension on Their Passes Shortly After the Parks Reopen

Last month, Disneyland announced a planned reopening of their theme parks on July 17th. Since then, those plans have been delayed and Disneyland has yet to announce a new reopening date for the parks.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland ©Disney

Once the parks do reopen, however, Disney will be applying an extension for their Annual Passholders.

Disneyland Annual Passholders will receive a further extension to their passes six to eight weeks after the parks reopen. The length of the extension has yet to be announced.

Disneyland Monorail, Submarines, Matterhorn

After the parks closed, Disneyland gave their Passholders the option to maintain their current expiration date or have their passes extended based on the length of the park closures.

©Disney Pixar Pier

It sounds like this extension will apply in both scenarios, as Disneyland is expected to announce their own reservation system that will change the way Annual Passholders visit the theme parks.

Disney California Adventure Entrance

Disneyland’s reservation system has not been announced yet and at this time we do not know how similar or different it will be from Disney World’s Park Pass Reservation System.

Are you a Disneyland Annual Passholder? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Replies to “NEWS! Disneyland Annual Passholders Will Receive an Automatic Extension on Their Passes Shortly After the Parks Reopen”

  1. For the people that paid all that money for the premium pass that has no black out dates it will not be fair to tell them they cannot go except for a day if they can get a reservation

  2. I am a signature plus pass holder. Why would I pay what I pay for a flex pass? Just doesn’t make sense to me when I might not be able to make a reservation for the days I need, especially since I dont live in Socal and a healthcare worker who is still working and not a flexible as many.

  3. I am not an annual pass holder. We bought 8 tickets to Disneyland so our family could go during the summer. Depending on when they reopen how long will out tickets be honored. This is 3 different families getting together. Will they honor them next summer?

  4. I am a signature plus pass holder and have four. Our passes expired in June. We opted for the extension and were told that once the park reopened our renewal date would change. If it were to reopen now that means our passes would now expired in October and payments would start back up. Is this not the case anymore?

  5. We are signature plus annual passholders with an expiration date of 10/28 and are very curious to see how this all shakes out. We were originally told they would extend a day for every day they were closed so are just sitting tight to see what happens. We sure do miss our happy place though.

  6. I’m a Disneyland annul pass holder. Our original expiration date is 12/23/20. I don’t remember receiving the anything regarding the option to extend my expiration date. We have a total of 3 passes and put down $1000 down to keep our monthly payment low. I don’t know how it will be anymore considering my kids are young and I don’t think they’ll keep a face mask on all day.

  7. Hi. I have 4 season passes that I was making payments on, but stop making them cause of the closure, and my Contract expires in September. If the park doesn’t open before then does that mean I’m done with my contract and I don’t have to get an extension cause I don’t want one I want out of my contract

  8. Hi!
    I am an Annual Passholder (Flex Pass that I love!) I am glad to hear that they are extending the annual passes. I attempted calling in 3 times, but couldn’t wait 90 minutes or longer. My sons pass expired during the closure and wonder if passes that expired during the closure will be extended.