NEWS! Disney World Will Be Shortening Hours at All Four Parks Soon!

When Disney World prepared for their phased reopening, we noted how their hours of operation were significantly shorter than what we were used to seeing before the closures began.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Now, it looks like those already shortened hours will become even shorter, and it’s happening soon!

Starting on September 8th, all four of Disney World’s theme parks will be shortening their hours of operation. Each of the parks will close at least one hour earlier than their current schedules.

EPCOT Entrance

The new park hours will be as follows:

  • Magic Kingdom: 9AM to 6PM (previously 9AM to7PM, now closing one hour earlier)
  • EPCOT: 11AM to 7PM (previously 11AM to 9PM, now closing two hours earlier)
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 10AM to 7PM (previously 10AM to 8PM, now closing one hour earlier)
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: 9AM to 5PM (previously 8AM to 6PM, now closing one hour earlier, and opening one hour later)
Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’re looking for ways to fill your evening hours in Disney World, Disney Springs will keep their current daily hours of 10AM to 10PM.

We will be keeping a watchful eye on Disney World’s park hours and will continue to provide updates as we learn more!

Do you have an upcoming Disney World vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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16 Replies to “NEWS! Disney World Will Be Shortening Hours at All Four Parks Soon!”

  1. I’ve had a trip planned and still look forward to going. However, with no parades/shows/fireworks and now a two hour cut to each parks day, why am I still paying full price? Disney should compensate. Let’s be honest, with their Q3 losses, they should be trying to entice me to come, not for me to cancel and leave them with nothing.

  2. Hours generally get cut after Labor Day every year.

    From a business perspective, there is no reason that Disney should keep full hours or provide an admission discount. The customers that absolutely want to visit are willing to pay the full price even for a less than full experience, and they are at the capacity that they can be right now. An argument can be made (and would be made by Disney) the experience is better now since wait times for most attractions are drastically reduced.

    1. I’m not sure they’re at capacity at all now. As they show a bias towards those with admission tickets and resort stays, they’re reserving what turns out to be unused capacity for those guests and to heck with anyone else, say, passholders and most who would travel from out of state. For example, if all the resort guests want or choose to go to DHS, all that surplus allocation for the other 3 parks goes to waste. Why would a guest who wants to ride Slinky Dog, Rise of the Resistance, etc choose to eat at the Food and Wine at EPCOT instead. It’s all insulting and pretty dumb if you ask me!

  3. When do they normally reduce hours? Seems like this corresponds with back-to-school time. This is not a normal thing for this time of year?

  4. I rescheduled our family trip yo November 39. Doubt I’ll even go then $25,000 and no recourse but may be a better choice than an infected family of 13

  5. Wondering if they will change their hours and other things come 2021.. we have a trip booked for May. Keeping our fingers crossed that covid won’t be a big issue anymore and we will still experience the magic, But with so many changes we wonder if it’s still worth going 🙁

  6. So I was initially really frustrated by this. With the lack of hours, traditional character interactions (for our 4 year old), limited dining options and menus….I was seriously considering canceling again – we were originally supposed to go in March. However, perhaps this is a reflection of the amount of park traffic that currently is local and a reflection that the hours won’t be needed to accommodate park traffic once local school resumes in the fall? Could this actually be a net positive for the visiting experience?

  7. We have a week long visit planned in December. They’ve canceled the meal plans (with a full refund) and now are giving you less hours in the parks for full price. Hotel upgrades or something would be a nice reward for loyal fans who are still planning trips and sticking with them.

  8. I can see closing AK early, you can easily do the park twice in one day with the low wait time. Studios however need longer hours, not shorter. Also, how about leaving Epcot open till, 9 with limited park hoping. Let anyone who has a reserved dinner reservation at an Epcot full service restaurant into Epcot after 6, even if they had park reservations elsewhere. Right now half the dining options at the resorts are closed.

  9. Here I was hoping hours might be extended by then, silly me! Very disappointing for my upcoming September trip. At this point, ticket prices should definitely be reduced for those of us still planning to go the parks! Way too many reductions happening for a full price ticket in my opinion.

  10. I just bought three four day tickets a week ago and paid full price for what was already shortened hours, now this?! Disney needs to be offering tickets at a discount for these shortened park hours. I wish I had booked with Universal Studios. They are offering buy two park tickets, get two free.

  11. It’s not enough time as it is and rides and shops and restaurants closed and no fireworks. ? Less Options and more People at the same places not Smart if trying to social distances. Then cut your prices for admission. Becoming the not so most Wonderful place on Earth. and Keep Splash Mountain. How about stop changing rides and just add more to Lessing wait times. ?

  12. Why move backwards? We’re paying full price for a already very limited experience and now they will close even earlier? I had hoped they would go the other direction hour wise before we arrive. I can’t decide if we should keep our plans now or just scrap them all together. Such a bummer.

  13. They definitely do not need to shorten their hours. My vacation starts on September 13th and I didn’t spend all that money on park tickets to not be able to go to the parks. Very disappointed.