News: Florida’s Test Positivity Rate Dips To Lowest Point In Weeks

While restaurants, stores, and theme parks have re-opened in Florida, the state is still placing health and safety guidelines in place all around the state to keep visitors and residents safe.

Florida Beaches

Florida recently responded to spiking infection rates with bar closures and mask mandates (which may stick around through 2021). And the recent numbers show that these policies are working.

According to the WFLA, Florida’s percent positivity rate has dropped below 10% for the first time in 40 days. It’s important to note that the Florida Department of health measures percent positivity by the number of people who test positive for the first time with either PCR or antigen testing. Then, the number is divided by the total amount of people who were tested that same day. (People who are tested again after being positive previously are not included in the percent positivity of new cases. And while some testing facilities were closed due to Hurricane Isaias, positivity rate should scale appropriately.)


This past weekend, the percent positive dropped from the double digits to 9.28%. Since June 24th, this was the first time that Florida has seen the percent positivity under 10%.


As Florida continues to see downward trends in positivity rates and case numbers, officials have left in place the mask requirements and bar closure mandates to reduce the number of cases further. While we continue to explore theme parks and other places around Florida, we’ll keep you updated with the health and safety regulations in place!

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