NEWS! D23 Expo – Day 3

by Debra Martin Koma
AllEars® Senior Editor

OK, OK, I know I said I’d write a Day 2 recap, and it’s coming, I promise… but we have breaking news from TODAY.

And when the news breaks, the news breaks!

So, what’s so important?

Well, today, at a presentation I attended just a little more than two hours ago, Jay Rasulo, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Chairman, made some really exciting announcements that I wanted to share right away!

First, the rumored expansion of Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland is TRUE!

They are going to be more than doubling the size of Fantasyland and adding a number of
amazing new attractions.

The down side? Toontown is going to go away. Completely. Although the Imagineers have said they are going to try to save Goofy’s Barnstormer somehow… they’re just not sure how yet.

Based on Rasulo’s presentation, and a press conference I attended afterward with several Imagineers and Rasulo as well, here are some of the major features of the expansion:

— A country chateau where Cinderella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters, where you’ll see her transform.
— An area for Sleeping Beauty, in which you can make birthday cards for Aurora’s Sweet 16 birthday party and give them to her.
— Beast’s Castle, which will house a 552-seat restaurant that is counter service by day, table service by night. The castle will have three areas, including the “West Wing”, in which you will be able to see the Beast’s private antechamber and the rose with dropping petals, featured in the animated film, Beauty and the Beast.
— An “under the sea with Ariel” attraction, like the new Little Mermaid attraction in Disneyland, only with a completely different queue area.
–Expanded Dumbo — Basically two Dumbo rides, and NO queue. Instead, there will be a 3-Ring Circus interactive play area with bleachers for adults, so that you can have fun while you wait for your “feather” to be called so that you can ride.
— Pixie Hollow, which will be a second phase of the expansion, will eventually join the rest of Fantasyland.

Construction on the first phase of the expansion is expected to start soon, and, according to the Imagineers, impact on guests and existing attractions in Fantasyland should be minimal. The new areas should be completed by 2012, with the second phase following in 2013.

The second biggest announcement came as a good news/bad news thing.

The bad news? Star Tours in Disneyland is going to close in October 2010.

The good news? A whole new Star Tours, in 3D, will open in 2011!

The new attraction will feature scenes like the Pod Race in The Phantom Menace.

Although it was unclear when Star Tours in Walt Disney World will close, it, too, will be
receiving the new makeover.

For the official press release on this and other remarks Rasulo made today at the D23
Expo, as well as some artist renderings, check out our Disney News Blog HERE.

I’ll be back more later with a recap of Day 2 and 3!

Debra Martin Koma wrote about food, travel and lifestyle issues for a number of local and national publications before she fell in love with Walt Disney World on her first visit — when she was 34! She's returned to her Laughing Place more times than she can count in the ensuing years, and enthusiastically shares her passion with readers of AllEars.Net and AllEars®. Deb also co-authored (along with Deb Wills) PassPorter's Open Mouse for Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line, a travel guide designed for all travelers to Walt Disney World who may require special attention, from special diets to mobility issues.

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62 Replies to “NEWS! D23 Expo – Day 3”

  1. Walt created the parks for a number of reasons. One of which was that a feature film could never be improved upon once it was finished. “You can’t beat a pig with a pig” he would say. But the parks he could always tweak or “plus it”. So We understand why Toontown is being changed.

    However I do agree that the boys are being snubbed here. First we are given Bibitty Bobitty Boob. Now, what should they call what is to replace Toontown? Princessland? I doubt that boy’s in the under 12 age are going to making birthday cards for Princess Auroara. So what does a little boy want with whatever is in the area formerly known as Fantaslyland anyway, there is nothing there for them.

    I have always pointed out, to my family when we visit the World, the need for another table service restaurant in that area of the park. Since they removed Skyway to Fanatasyland, I believed that location near Peter Pan and Small World was the perfect setting for a character dinning. Call it The Enchanted Forrest if you wish.

  2. I hope they do not take Goofy’s Barnstormer away- my kids LOVE that ride! Have you heard the Goofy’s Barnstormer song? You can hear a song clip at iTunes by typing in “(I Love to Ride) Goofy’s Barnstormer” in the search box at iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes, I believe you can listen to a song clip at as well.

    Let’s let the Imagineers hear this song from everyone and let them know how much we love Goofy’s Barnstormer!

    AllEars: Goofy’s Barmstomer will remain with a new theme.

  3. I am always excited to hear about new attractions at WDW. Overall it sounds like it will be a good change. However, I’m not sure about all of the princess experiences, such as watching Cinderella “transform”. Seems like these would only appeal to smaller children. But the Ariel attraction should be good for all ages. I hope they also include nice landscaping with gardens, more trees, flowers, and topiary – castles must have their gardens! I will keep watching for more information. Thank you!

  4. I am so excited about the news of expansion and updates. But, I hope thought for families with all ages are included in the expansion. It may be surprising to most, but everyone is not a thrill rider. My family is already stating we will be back to see everything. Remember: “It all started with a mouse.”

  5. They should really have something to appeal to boys, nowadays Disney only appeals to girls, such as shows on disney channel. Back in the early 2000’s they had shows that appealed to both. I cant wait for carsland here in california

  6. on the bonus disc that comes with the little mermaid dvd set there is a segment with imagineers talking about a little mermaid ride that was created but never built. There is even a computer generated ride through on the disc, do you know if this is the ride that is being built?

    DMK: I’m not familiar with the video you’re talking about,
    so I really can’t say if it’s the same ride, sorry.

  7. The additions sound great, but I am terribly sad about Mickey and Minnie’s house. I love seeing new stuff each time, but it’s also fun to visit old favorites. Mickey’s house is the only attraction that I have taken pictures of my son in on each trip. I really wish they would keep their houses instead of making something new for them.
    Is nothing sacred anymore?

  8. I’ve thought ever since Micky Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney has come out that they should build something themed around that. Now with this announcement, and the fact they’re willing to say they are discussing something for him, makes me wonder if they will end up doing exactly that. I’ll be sad to see the country houses go too, and I’m hoping to take my daughter there before they close it, but I’m also thinking that they WILL create something new that will keep the younger and the older alike enjoying memories for years to come.

  9. Thank you for keeping us updated in such timely fashion with all aspects of your website! It has been a joy to read all about the D23 Expo on this and a few other good blogs.
    I’m looking forward to all the changes and hoping to visit one more time to bid farewell to what will be no more. That’s part of the magic for me–WDW is always changing. I know we all ‘get attached’ to certain attractions and such, and I don’t blame folks for being sad. Personally, I still miss Buzzy in Cranium Command but I never went back to Horizons after 2 trips…so to each his or her own. (both are ex-Epcot attractions)
    Another comment: neither my daughter nor I have ever thought of any aspect of WDW’s theme parks to be boy- or girl-specific. We’ve always found something to enjoy in every attraction at all 4 parks. No one could dare tell her she can’t be a pirate or even a lost boy! If anyone feels shortchanged while at WDW, I think it might be a lack of imagination on their part.
    Thanks again for excellent coverage of WDW!

  10. ~I’ve always thought that Fantasyland could add a few more attractions, etc..My 3 & 6 yr. old girls LOVE it, but it’s so small & it seems like we always do just a few rides & ‘on to the next land’. I’ve been going to WDW forever & it has always seemed so much more ‘congested’ than the other lands, especially over the past few years! I wish that Disney could find a way to bring back the Skyway system or an alternate way of traveling thru Fantasyland..

  11. This expansion is long overdue. I am not sorry to see Toontown removed as there is really nothing for older kids (and parents) to do. If it had another ride like Roger Rabbit’s Toontown Spin at DL it might be a bigger shock. Goofy’s Barnstormer, while fun, is really only good for a smaller audience (literally and figuratively).

  12. I saw where you stated that Snow White will not have her own area. Have they given any indication as to what would happen with her? She was the original princess, after all! She is my daughter’s favorite and I have a photograph of her first meeting that I call “Heaven” framed in my home. The look on her face after meeting her favorite princess was priceless. I would hate that other children couldn’t have the same experience with her.

    Thank you for all your wealth of Disney information. It’s truly appreciated.

    Deb Koma replies: When I said that Snow White won’t have her own area, I meant in the expansion — Snow White’s Scary Adventures attraction will remain in Fantasyland, and I’m sure that there will still be character meet & greet opportunities.

  13. No No NO, use the vast amount of free land around the park to expand, leave toontown as it is, it represents all that is whimsical about Disney, kids and adults love toontown, my wife and I were looking forward to exploring toontown again on our next visit in 2010.
    WDW is about re-visiting familiar loved attractions as much as it is about wanting to experience new ones.

  14. will fantasy land still be open while they are expanding? i hope they make small world like how it is in disneyland that would be SSSSSSSSWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have never been a big fan of Toon Town other than really small children seem to enjoy this area. Now I’m kinda worried about it being closed because that is the one area of the park that is devoted to the fab 5. It bothers me that they are not really featured in the park. I am also curious as to whether the new Dumbo ride will be enclosed. One of the best parts of the ride is that you can look out over the park and see all the people and attractions. Will the new Ariel attraction mean that Ariels’s grotto will close? If so, I hope that they use the space like Disneyland and have the Finding Nemo characters featured. Just wondering, don’t you think that building new castles for the other princesses will diminish Cinderella’s castle?

  16. hmmm, it doesn’t bother me too much about Toontown at WDW because it isn’t as good as Toontown in Disneyland. If TT at DL was to go, I would be very upset. But as it stands, TT at WDW has nothing for me, so i’m looking forward to the new stuff.

  17. When my wife and i heard the news and saw the presentation on youtube, we just wanted to jump and scream, we couldnt wait to see our little girls reaction to the news which of course started screaming and asking when they could see it. I was proud of the imagineers for coming up with this wonderful idea! we always expected the news of a new park opening, but somehow this actually makes more sense than a new park. I was really exited until today when i read this… could they possibly think of eliminating toon town??!!! its the only real place toddlers identify themselves with! its were the fabulous 5 live!!! come OONNNNN!!!! i have a son that loves mickey and friends and hes not going to get to enjoy what i have enjoyed with my daughters, that breaks my heart. This was absolutely the WORST idea they could have come up with, and to those who are wondering…YES there IS enough land to build this and leave toontown alone!! oh and by the way, look at it this way, frontierland = cowboys, tomorroland = space rangers, adventureland = pirates, liberty square = american patriots….the only land girls have is fantasyland and the castle, they are NOT short changing boys! come on, dont exaggerate people.

  18. Thanks for the great news. Although our grandchildren have likes Toontown I can’t wait for the changes. I trust Disney to make a great new way to visit with Mickey & Minnie. Also to the small children who believe they live in Toontown try using the example of buying a new home and tell them they are moving into it. Also having 5 granddaughters and 2 grandsons we have never experienced the girl/boy thing. They just love all things Disney. The girls sometimes want to be the pirates. I would love to see the carsland though that would be great as it was our grandsons first and favorite Disney Film.

  19. Did Disney give any indication on when they would be closing Toon Town? I am trying to plan a trip for next year and wanted to visit it once more before it is gone for good.

    Deb Koma here: No, as I said above, they have not announced a closing date for Toontown.

  20. I am so excited about the changes! My girls are 9 and 10 and we have made many trips to WDW! I am glad they are making the changes to the Dumbo line and area – long overdue!! This will certainly make waiting in line more bearable. Fantasyland is my favorite and most magical place in the park, the expansion sounds wonderful!!! I can’t wait!!

  21. I am very excited about the changes. Beauty and the Beast is a favorite and I think the addition of the West Wing of the Castle and Gaston’s restaurant sounds exciting for boys and girls and their parents. I am a grandmother and with two grandsons and a granddaughter who all love Belle and the Beast.

    For those of us who keep coming back, change is good. I do hope they keep Goofy’s Barnstormer as it is a favorite and I’m sure Disney will find a place for Mickey and Minnie, they are staples.

    The addition of the princesses are a good thing as well, Adventureland and Frontierland is there for the boys, but I know my grandsons will continue to enjoy all aspects of the park, just as the rest of my family does. Good Going Disney Imagineers – keep up with the times and give us reasons to keep coming back, not that you have to twist my arem!!!!

  22. Since I was a little girl I dreamed about a place where the princesses lived, and I am soo excited to hear this news! Now I’m in my 20’s, but can you imagine how exciting it’ll be for little kids?! And I say kids because, trust me, my little brother likes the Little Mermaid as much as any girl. Who wouldn’t like an underwater world?! Plus, I think he kinda has a crush on Ariel 😀 So, I guess all you Walt Disney Worlders will have to make your way out to California to go to Toontown (and Carsland). Personally, I think it’s a smart idea to have something exclusive to one location. Gives you something different to experience!! Yay!

  23. Deb Koma replying again:

    To LisaG. — We at AllEars don’t condone any petition-writing, I’m afraid. Besides, the Imagineers already said that they will be providing something new for Mickey and Minnie, and that they would try to save Barnstormer in some way.

    To Prospectprk: Did you know that Mary Poppins is my favorite character? So obviously I agree with you about her being the “crown jewel”! I have long thought a ride or show dedicated to her would be great, but so far, Imagineering hasn’t consulted with me! 😉

    Thanks for all your feedback!

  24. This all is great and positive for the Magic Kingdom. The park does needs a major overhaul. I’ve been riding the same rides since 1972. Its beginning to look a little tired and needs to reinvent itself.

    I only wish they would dedicate a ride to Mary Poppins. I feel she is the crown jewel in the Disney empire and deserves some sort of animatronic ride. Well….Deb what do you think about that??

  25. I second the idea of a petition not to close Mickey or Minnie’s House and e have to save The Barnstormer. Ten years ago, when my daughter was two, that was her first rollercoaster ride.

  26. Deb, did they mention what will happen to the character greetings like at the Toontown Hall of Fame?? Will “Mickey & Pals” characters be out in the streets like they were in the old days?? Will they have somewhere to meet outside of the hot Florida sun??? Any chance of a character meal with those characters returning to the Magic Kingdom???

    Deb: The Imagineers said since Mickey is the boss, they will make sure he has a place in the new Fantasyland. The expansion area will provide meet and greets, new interactive meet and greets for Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella. No word on Mickey’s Pals.

  27. My girls are devasted to see Toon Town Fair as well go. The Goofy Rollercoaster is the highlight of our many trips that we have made there. My child also believes that is where Mickey and Minnie really live! I just don’t see why they would take these highlights, to so many, out of the park. You go to Disney to see Mickey….where will he live? That is his home. I think we need to start a petition that they don’t get rid of Toon Town Fair. There is so much room between there and Tomorrowland…move it over!….To some this may sound so silly, but if you are truly a Disney Fanatic like we are, this is devastating news. As far as the rest of the transformation….I say AMEN to more shade! I think it will really help Magic Kingdom!

  28. I’m gald they are taking down toontown, I’m the youngest in my family and a teenager. My family goes every year and we never go there so I;m glad they are opening up areas for all ages not just kids.I hope they don’t take the race cars though.

  29. Watching Disney continue to grow and expand is exciting. I look forward to the finished product, and hope we will get a sneak peak now and then of their progress…

  30. Even if the Barnstormer is “saved”, was there any mention of whether it will be closed off to guests while the rest of Toontown is reconfigured?

  31. Wow this sounds so wonderful! I love Beauty and the Beast, so an attraction for it will be great. Toontown has always seemed rather half baked to me so I ‘m all for getting rid of it to improve Fantasyland. After going to Disneyland my number one complaint about WDW is that Fantasyland in Ca is soooo much better. This will be a huge improvement. I’ll be sorry to see the original Dumbo go. I rode it as a child in the 70s and take my kids on it now. Heading to WDW in 2 weeks so I’m taking a ton of pics of Dumbo! Some of us grown up princesses will love this whole expansion. I’m a mother of 4 boys and I see no problem here. The pirates and most of Frontierland/Adventureland are the things they love. My daughter and I love fantasyland. But my boys actually like princess stories cause they like the danger and they all love Beast!

  32. It’s funny, I used to visit Magic Kingdom as a young girl and never thought of Tomorrowland, PoTC or Tom Sawyer’s Island as “boy-centric”. These were all attractions I thoroughly enjoyed as a child. I certainly never felt bereft nor discriminated against for not experiencing a “princess-land” during my childhood trips.

    I wish Disney would pump money into more rides and experiences that an *entire family* can enjoy, instead of something so gender and age limited as this venture. The boys seem like an afterthought here. The big news was the princesses and the afterthought was, “Oh, we’ll have stuff for the boys, too!” But no details…

    I wonder if Disney actually polled park guests when researching this or did someone just show the shareholders the profits from things like the BBB and princess merchandise?

  33. I don’t see this as “shortchanging” boys…….they just put in the POTC version of bibbidy Bobbidy boutique for the boys.

    And with Disney acquiring the rights to Marvel, who knows? Might we see some superhero attractions coming to DHS in the future? It’s possible.

  34. Deb Koma chiming in again: I’m not sure where the villains rumor started — not with us! We asked specifically about that and the Imagineer told us that they are still in the planning stages for a lot of the expansion, and the idea of villains hasn’t been discussed.

    As for Dumbo — I think I didn’t explain clearly enough, the Circus Big Top will actually be where you wait to ride Dumbo, no more queuing.

    There will be a variety of interactive games that kids can play while they wait, bleachers for parents to sit on — I imagine the games will be similar to the games you can play while waiting in the queue for Soarin’ in Epcot. So twice as many elephants, PLUS no long queue? Sounds like it could be a good thing, to me, for all those youngsters who just have to ride Dumbo!

  35. This sounds exciting. I just hope they don’t change too much at the existing Fantasyland. Those of us who went as kids in the late 70’s early 80’s have those nostalgic memories of fantasyland, so you know what I’m talking about. I’m in my mid-thirties now and my wife says, “what is wrong with you?” Her first time to WDW she was 20. She’ll never understand. My daughter who is 5 has been three times and my son who is 3 has been twice, so they already have those nostalgic memories of Fantasyland. I agree with everybody else, my daughter will like the addition. I don’t know if I will ever see it. My son will probably keep me busy riding Buzz, Astro orbitor, and Indycar. Speaking of cars how come they haven’t changed Tomorrowland Indy Speedway into a cars themed attraction. I figured that would have been done already.

  36. I saw the overlay of the blueprint/plan, but it was quite small, and I couldn’t make out some of it. Did they indicate if attractions like Peter Pan’s Flight, Snow White’s , The Winnie the Pooh ride and It’s a Small World will be left in tact? I love Peter Pan’s Flight. It was the first ride I ever rode at the M.K. Happy to hear they want to try and save the Barnstormer. That’s my 5 year old’s favorite! (I wish they gave the same consideration for the Adventurer’s Club…)

  37. My son is almost 7 and he loves the princess almost as much as the girls, but for totally different reasons. He thinks they are CUTE! I too hope they bring CARSLAND to WDW, but I am not happy about marvel comics. I think they are violent & don’t let my son watch them. He will love the princes,dragons,Gaston & the Beast. As for bringing in villains for boys, I too think they are too scary.

    I just finished the 1st kingdom keepers book & they might scare me (great books though.) As long as they keep Goofy s Barn Stormer my son will be happy, it was his 1st coaster. Don’t like the sound of a big top for dumbo. Disney is not a circus & it just makes it sound cheesy & carnival like.

  38. I am excited about the changes to Disney World, but I am hoping that they will make attractions for boys too! Now that Disney bought Marvel Comics I hope that they do something big with that. Universal already has the SpiderMan and Hulk rides. I wonder what Disney will do?

  39. That is great news for my daughter who is now 2. She will love the princess themed attractions. Now if they would just build CARSLAND in WDW that would be great! That was the first movie that my son went to and he has been all about CARS since.

  40. Hi, Deb Koma again — To Kyle: No one said anything about Toontown moving to the Studios. The Imagineers said it would be gone completely, except possibly for Barnstormer, which they would like to incorporate in expansion.

    As for the other Fantasyland attractions, they will remain untouched — the expansion will not affect them except for Dumbo which will be doubled.

    Snow White is not getting her own area — Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel are though. 🙂

  41. have they said when the Magic Kingdom construction will begin? We are going to disney world in a few weeks, and have tickets for the not so scary halloween. If I remember right, the info on the disneyworld site talks about trick or treating in Toon town. That is what my 4 year old is looking forward to.

  42. For all that are saying that boys are being shortchanged…A lot of the Magic Kingdom is “boy themed”. Tomorrowland has rides that are themed towards boys- Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter, and the Speedway. Adventureland – Pirates of the Caribbean. Frontierland – Tom Sawyers Island, Shooting Gallery. Fantasyland has Peter Pan – pirates and indians. So, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them adding Princess stuff in Fantasyland. After all, Disney Princesses are a multibillion dollar industry. I think it’s a wonderful addition to Magic Kingdom and I’m sure the Imagineers will be including things in the expansion that will appeal to boys.

  43. Toontown will probably move to the Studios? I hate to see it completely disappear.

    What about “It’s A Small World”, “Peter Pan’s Flight”, the 3-D PhilarMagic, etc? Will they be done away with or moved????

    I don’t understand why SNOW WHITE is not getting her own area???? That’s just wrong.

  44. My family and I love Goofy’s Barnstormer… we certainly hope it can be saved. It’s a great ride for kids, and for squeamish parents who think that’s as long as a coaster ride should be 🙂

    As for construction, I’m hoping it really won’t take 3 years to finish. The sooner, the better.

    As always, thanks for keeping us informed!

  45. The new changes at Disney World will be amazing!! Don’s worry, little boys, I’m sure there will be a “Carsland” coming soon to Florida. I wish they would change “Lights Camera, Action” car show at Hollywood Studios to a “Cars” theme. I think every Disney attraction should be themed to a Disney movie. Because Disney movies are simply the best! And Spider man etc can’t be far behind, boys!

  46. Wow! Exciting changes in Magic Kingdom! We will miss Toontown – The Barnstormer is a favorite for my now 7 year old son, and we had many happy memories at Donald’s boat with my now 2 year old during her first trip last December (where we met Deb Koma at the Grand Floridian Cafe!).

    I’ve never felt like Disney was short changing boys, since it’s all so magical and my son just loves BEING there BUT I don’t like the idea that “the villains” would be the alternative for the boys. First of all, some of them are scary, and second … I don’t want my kid behaving like that. I have faith that Disney will make their new attractions exciting for both boys and girls… and that being said, I totally can’t wait to bring my daughter to see the “Pinceshes” as she calls them.

  47. The best part about Toontown is Mickey and Minnie’s houses, hope those are saved. It’s a pity that the expansion is totally geared towards small kids and doesn’t sound like adults will benefit much.

  48. I looked at the google earth map of magic kingdom just a couple of weeks ago and wondered why they didn’t use the space behind the hundred acre wood. Well, now I know what they are going to use it for and it sounds great. I do hope they move Minnie and Mickey’s house to another part of the park or to another park all together.

  49. As always, Disney keeps you coming back. Just when you think you done it all, they add on so you return.
    I as a 40-something girly girl, am very excited about the princess alterrations in the castle. I am sure the sit down dining will be the next hot ticket.
    I am already planning my 50th birthday celebration for Sept. 2011 & December 2012 @Disneyland CA. I guess I will just have to keep coming back yearly & get a 2nd job to pay for it. But it is so worth it!
    I am so excited about the future of my 2nd home-WDW.

  50. Thanks so much for all of your great coverage. I’m in PA and thoroughly enjoying the articles, pictures and video. Again, thank you!!! You make me smile! 🙂

  51. Thanks Deb, for the info regarding what boys would find interesting about the new attractions. As the mom of 2 boys myself, we’ve never been into the princessy stuff, so I can definitely see my sons being disappointed if Fantasyland became too princess-centric. As you said, we’ll have to wait and see.

  52. Dry those tears! I beleive on the Disney press release they state that they will be relocating Mickey and Minnie’s houses to another part of the park. On the shortchanged boy comment, they noted that they may do something with the villians to appeal to the boys.

    I think a more permenant presence of the pricesses is long overdue. Considering all the merchandising around those characters it should be easier to find them in the parks. The renderings which are on the WDW press relelase page look pretty amazing.

  53. I really hope they dont close toon town this year,Its our first trip and I will be highly upset thats the one area I know my lil guys will love. I do feel like they are short changing boys to. Mine are only preschool age but eventually we will come back to a land of just princesses? how boring for them.

  54. I think that I might start a campaign to save Mickey and Minnie’s Houses (did I say that right?). My son actually believes that they live in those houses. They must be saved!

    “The Disney Fanatic”

  55. I agree with the boys getting left out again…as the mom of two, ages 2 & 4, I hate to see the things they enjoy be taken away or changed (all of toontown, especially Goofy’s Barnstormer, Mickey’s house and the play area!) just so there can be 4 new princess places! And the Dumbo change sounds like chaos to me…I guess they’ll figure it out in the next 3-4 years! Maybe by the time all these changes come about my boys will be old enough to care about pirates, princes and dragons…one can hope!
    Guess we’ll be frequenting Disneyland instead to visit Carsland! That’s something positive to look forward to!

  56. I, too, will GREATLY miss Mickey and Minnie’s cottages. At age 37 (and going to Disney World for the fist time at age 32) ALWAYS look forward annually to going through the cottages,taking TONS of pics and shedding a tear or two. I am hoping that they can be reloacted…..perhaps to Hollywood Studios???
    On the other hand…..the plans look great! And change is good. I am looking forward to learning and experincing more in the years to come.
    I will need to really to “take them in” on our upcoming trip this November.

  57. Deb Koma here 🙂

    Just taking a minute to reply to a few of your comments so far.

    The Imagineers were vague about when Toontown would close — said they couldn’t reveal that yet.

    As for Mickey and Minnie’s houses — the Imagineers said that they have something else planned for Mickey and Minnie, added that Mickey’s their boss so of course they would take care of him! They just weren’t ready to talk about their plans yet.

    Finally, about shortchanging boys… as the mother of a son, I hear you. I actually asked about what they were doing for boys at the press conference that followed Jay Rasulo’s presentation. Their answer was that there would also be things that would appeal more to boys, such as the princes, Beast, Gaston, dragons, etc. They added that they are attempting to create more *family* experiences.
    So I guess we’ll have to wait and see on this…

    Thanks all, for your comments!

  58. YAY!! That is sooooo exciting! I can not wait to hear the rest of the info!!! Did they give a real time estimate of a start date at WDW or was that unclear???
    Thank you so much for posting and keeping us well informed!

  59. wow, what great news. I am a little disappointed that toon town will go away. I know how much we enjoy walking through mickey and minnies home and some of the nastalga we are always looking forward too. Wish they could just add on everything with out any disturbance, but I will keep positive thoughts that this will be a great change and addition to Disney and will enhance your experience at the Magic Kingdom. I look forward to seeing pics as they begin the due process!

  60. When you say that Toontown will be gone, does that include Mickey and Minnie’s country houses? Those are some of my favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom! I will be sad to see them go…