D23 Expo – Day Four – September 13, 2009

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(Scroll down for today’s annoucements and photographs which will be added throughout the day)

Day Four – The Final Day of the D23 Expo!

Today’s block buster session will be The Future of Disney and Pixar Animation with John Lasseter

Other highlights include (but hardly limited to):
The Making of Toy Story Midway Mania
Special Muppets Presentation
A Magical Afternoon with the Cast of Wizards of Waverly Place
Imagineering Pixar for the Parks
From Annette to Miley: How Disney Pop Changed the World
Toy Story 3

Signing sessions with: David Pacheco, the Wizards of Waverly Place Cast, Harrison Ellenshaw, Manny Hernandez, Mike Kungl and Tim Rogerson

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And as time allows, our photographs will be posted below. (Remember we are on West Coast Time!)

Today’s Photos and Announcements:

Storytellers Theatre Q moved!!
Queue moved

Visit Belle (Paige O’hara) today at the NFFC booth at D23expo
Page O'hara info

Sara: Last day of D23! It’s been a wonderful event

Fans arrive for the final day of D23Expo
Fans arrive

Several schedule changes for today
schedule change

Sara: Justin Muchoney and the Storm Troopers!
Justin Muchoney and the Storm Troopers!

Sara: Annette and WDWToday fans Carolyn and Ricky
Annette and WDWToday fans

Beci: proof that I made it to the 2nd floor! The archives exhibit was great
archives exhibit

Jeanine: back in line for the Toy Story Mania talk. Seems like I never left.

Today’s first presentation!
Toy Story Midway Mania

DMK: Are my eyes closed? It is Day 4!
DMK and Mickey

Making of Toy Story Mania – got green lighted very fast
Making of Toy Story Midway Mania

DMK: Food drive canned goods castle done
Food drive castle

Cedric: completed the R U 23 Trivia Challenge (with some help from friends)

Jeanine: Lasseter was charming as always, with a lot of clips but no big revelations in his talk.

DMK: Shut out of Muppets presentation — but they had us leave our info so they can send us a “We’re Sorry” gift, something cute they say.

Don: just left D23. Actually very sad to be leaving. Was an excellent event and i will definately be sure to attend next year!

Jeanine: Pixar lines today=extra dose of waiting. Think Epcot Soarin’ on a bad day.

Jeanine: After being denied at Muppets, now settled in for a 1.5 hr wait in the next Pixar talk queue. On the upside, have obtained voucher.

Sara: Moving into the last few hours of D23. It’s been a great event!

Cedric: the finished Lego mural
Lego mural

Getting ready for Pixar and the parks
Pixar and the parks

John Lassiter and imagineers
John Lassiter and imagineers

Jeanine: Pixar in the house.
Pixar seminar

Sara: Tara Schmidt of CA won a trip to WDW from Mouse Fan Travel!

John Lassiter after ground breaking ceremony at DCA Carsland
John Lassiter

Jeanine: waiting outside for the Toy Story screening. They will apparently take our phones in case we want a blurry copy of TS I & II.

Beci: what an amazing four days made even more magical when Margaret Kerry stopped to say goodbye.
Beci and Margaret Kerry

Press Conference with Pixar animators and Disney Imagineers
Pixar press conference

Lots more costumes at D23Expo today

Another pic from today’s Pixar parks talk
Pixar pic

Jill and Carolyn stop by the MFT booth at D23expo
Jill and Carolyn

Artwork shown at PixarParks talk
Pixar artwork

The Making of Toy Story Mania talk was fantastic
Toy Story Mania panel

Imagineer Alex was roaming the D23 Expo Floor
Deb and Alex

At least 2 Arena presentations gave away a night in the DL Dream Suite
DL Dream Suite

Jeanine: the last few people wait for their cell phones after the Toy Story double feature. Bye, Expo!

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