D23 Expo – Day Three – September 12, 2009

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(Scroll down for today’s annoucements and photographs which will be added throughout the day)

Day Three begins for the D23 Expo!

Today’s block buster session will be Imagineering The Future of Disney Theme Parks – Jay Rasulo

Other highlights include (but hardly limited to):
So You Want to be an Imagineer
Disneynature Presentation
Growing up with Roy P. Disney
Refreshing a Classic – its a small world remake
Princess and the Frog Screening
The Making of US Presidents
D23 Expo Auction!

Signing sessions with: Russell Schroeder, Dan Hahn, Ted Thomas and JB Kaufman, Marty Sklar, and Thomas Kinkade.

The All Ears® Reporters will be posting text, audio and photos to Twitter.

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And as time allows, our photographs will be posted below. (Remember we are on West Coast Time!)

Today’s Photos and Announcements:

Deb: Day 3 of D23 Expo will begin soon. Jay Rasulo speaks! Hope there is a exciting announcement.

D23 members come to PookaLooz booth at 8 for cool steamboat willie key chain
PookaLooz booth

Jeanine: Making Memories, blasting in the lobby. Welcome back to Expo!

EKSuccess Brands Booth Make a Free mini Scrapbook this am!!
Make a mini scrapbook

Todays VoluntEAR project: Grow Green
VoluntEAR project

My finished Scrapbook!
Deb's scrapbook

Momma and Mari at the Pookalooz Booth
Momma and Mari

Gary at NFFC Booth Paige O’hara appearing today 2-4

Beci: the line for general admission is around the bldg… Wow!
General admission line

Jeanine: now loading for Who Wants To Be An Imagineer. The line was fairly sizeable, and the vouchers seemed largely irrelevant.

Beci: Deb Wills meeting and greeting at the Mouse Fan Travel booth

Lots of Costumes today at the Expo
People in costume

Jeanine: Dex Tanksley, Imagineer on Indiana Jones and ToT, talks about his career start.
Dex Tanksley

In a very long line for Jay Rasula 75 minutes before talk
line for Jay Rasula talk

Lee Zimmerman of AllEars ready to video Jay Rasulo talk
Lee Zimmerman

Waiting for Jay Rasulo talk
Waiting for Jay Rasulo talk

Sara: I just met John Tartaglia from Johnny & the Sprites!!!

Jeanine: did the big sprint down to the arena for the Rasulo talk.

Beci: most impressive queue line… Ever. Jay is a popular guy!
Queue for Jay Rasulo talk

Beci: the canned food drive is going well. The castle is almost done!
Canned food drive

Beci: today VoluntEARS Project planting for schools

Arena filling for Jay Rasulo Talk @disneyd23
Rasulo crowd

Rasulo on stage
Rasulo on stage

Fantasyland WDW Rumors TRUE
WDW Fantasyland

Ariel ride ETicket! WDW
Ariel ride

Expanded Dumbo attraction
Dumbo ride

WDW New Fantasyland 2012
Jay Rasulo

Cedric: just met Mark Silverman voice talent for Rod Sterling for the Tower of Terror
Mark Silverman

3 new lands Hong Kong DL
Hong Kong DL

Future of theme parks – more guest interaction with the attraction.

Sharing thoughts on new Carsland for DL

Another Dream Suite giveaway
Dream Suite giveaway

New 3d Star Tours for DL
3d Star Tours

Cedric: Storyteller Theatre’s queue now on 1st floor for 12:30pm show
Storyteller Theatre's queue

Press conference 2 phases; 2012 for most; 2013 for Fairies
press conference

Toon town will completely go away at MK
press conference 2

Jay Rasulo joins press conference
press conference 3

Star Tours will visit new destinations. Lots of changes. Fantasyland will be targeted to whole families including the boys.
press conference 4

Looking at major rehab for One Mans Dream in the future.. New artifacts, costumes etc
press conference 5

Ariel attraction Q and setup will be diff in DCA and WDW but actually ride the same.
press conference 6

Packed house for Roy P. Disney
Roy P. Disney

Jeanine: Neal Gabler sounds a lot like Regis Philbin

Beci: The storm troopers invaded the Mouse Fan Travel booth!
Storm Troopers and Beci

Storm Troopers are all around the Expo
Storm Troopers and Laura

Much more crowded today. Queue lines for Mickey!

Storm Troopers planting seeds for environment
Storm Troopers

Disney Channel stars Chelsea Staub and Tiffany Thornton sign for fans
Chelsea Staub and Tiffany Thornton

Disney Princess Storytime and Royal Manners show
Disney Princess Storytime

Sara: Busiest day by far! Lots of costumes. The excitement is palpable!

Jeanine: Toshio Kagami seen touring the Parks and Resorts booth!

Disney Fairytale Wedding Models
Disney Fairytale Wedding Models

Thomas Kincade talks to a packed crowd!
Thomas Kincade

Next: Wait Line for 4:30 Making of US Presidents
Wait line

Princess & the Frog delayed 45 minutes
Princess & the Frog queue

The Making of the U.S. Presidents talk
Making of Presidents talk

Hall of Presidents
Hall of Presidents

More from Making of Hall of Presidents
Hall of Presidents 2

Imagineers visit the White House to meet with Pres-elect Obama and record his voice.
Imagineers meet Obama

DMK: Princess & the Frog show started 90 minutes late! Delays Prep & Landing show until 6:30 or 7 p.m. — guess I won’t see that now 🙁

DMK: Guess I’ll go to the Lost Chords program instead… or not…

Tony Baxter talks about the new Mr. Lincoln show at Disneyland
Tony Baxter

The Song “Two Brothers” will return to DL Mr. Lincoln
Two brothers

Lee: only Disney could turn an empty room into a ride, I mean show, que. 🙂

Stopped by Storytellers Sandbox
Storytellers Sandbox

After Mr Lincoln show ends there will be a 2.5 minute photo montage with Golden Dreams Song that audience can sit and watch
Mr Lincoln

Lee: Lost Chords room is not full if anyone wants to show up late

Jeanine: The Disney Employee Choir sing deleted songs from the movies in Lost Chords
Disney Employee Choir

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2 Replies to “D23 Expo – Day Three – September 12, 2009”

  1. I see that John Tartaglia was at the expo. Any word on if Johnny and the Sprites will be returning for another season?
    Thanks so much to all for posting. Reading about the expo made me join D23!

    DEB: Sorry Melissa, I have no idea.

  2. Thank you so so much for the great articles, pictures and video. I’m in PA and loving every bit of it. You make me smile! Again, thank you! 🙂