Why Disney World is Attracting More Millennials than Ever Before

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If you’ve visited Disney World in the last year or paid attention to the new films from Disney, you might notice a certain trend. Millennials and the stuff they love have taken over. From the things you can buy to the live-action remakes, Disney is definitely trying to attract a particular age group. If you … Continue reading "Why Disney World is Attracting More Millennials than Ever Before"
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3 Disney Dining Reservation Lessons Learned

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You'll be making so many preparations as you plan the perfect Walt Disney World trip for your family, but there are several pitfalls that you'll want to be sure to avoid! These common mistakes can set you back in both time and money. Here are three Disney dining reservation lessons we've learned from years of trial and error.

Why DINOSAUR Isn’t What You Think It Is

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The DINOSAURA attraction in Disney's Animal Kingdom is not to be confused with the friendly, family-fun dark rides over in Fantasyland, nor are its dinos like those from the now-extinct Ellen's Energy Adventure. This attraction comes with a height restriction for a very good reason. Some think it should come with an age restriction, too!

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