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Maharajah Jungle Trek Highlights:

  •  Walk through animal trail in Asia

  • Look out for tigers, bats, birds, and more!

  • Great way to relax and enjoy some animals!

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Wander through the ancient ruins of India and see tigers, bats and birds and more on this self-guided walking tour.

Maharajah Jungle Trek is located in Asia, past the entrance to Kali River Rapids.



The People of Anandapur and the Royal Anandapur Wildlife and Forestry Authority trust you will enjoy your walk and ask that you respect and honor these lovely creatures with behavior appropriate for peaceful co-existence.

As you begin your journey through this magnificent area be sure to take time to look at the art and architecture surrounding you.

Once inside the trail, you will find the Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard species in the world. It can be found sunning itself on the large rocks.

Next are the Lion-Tailed Macaque, one of the smallest and rarest macaque species.

The Bat Community, home of the Rodrigues Fruit Bat Pteropus rodricensis and the Malayan Flying Fox Pteropus vampyrus is next. (There is a bypass if you wish to skip this section.) You can see the bats hanging from the vines and trees in the enclosure. They also will sometimes wrap themselves in their paper-thin wings to preserve body heat or fan themselves to stay cool.

Malayan Flying Fox

The Malayan Flying Fox is among the largest of the bats and has a wing span of 6 feet. This largely nocturnal mammal feeds on fruit and nectar.

The most beautiful section of the Maharajah Jungle Trek is next which will bring you into the heart of India. It is called Tiger Forest. Paintings adorn the old crumbling wallsThere are several viewing areas for the Asian Tigers Panthera tigris.

Some of the viewing areas are through glass. However, near the end of the tiger section is a bridge upon which you can get a good view of the Tigers and their Pond.

Looking left while on the bridge, you will see a field with various hoofed animals. You may see Elds Deer and Blackbuck. The Elds Deer Cervus eldi come from Burma and eastern India. The Elds Deer are an endangered species.

The Blackbuck Antilope cervicapra are one of the fastest antelopes in the world. They can travel up to 50 miles per hour. The Blackbucks have the cork screw twisted horns.

Co-existing with the hoofed animals are several species of birds. The Sarus Crane will get your attention quickly as they are the world’s tallest flying bird. Males can grow to six feet tall with a ten feet wing span. Also in this area are barheaded geese and white wing wood duck, both native to South East Asia.

A beautiful peaceful bird sanctuary completes the Maharajah Jungle Trek. (Be sure to pick up a colorful bird identification chart.) Paintings on the walls and running water from the fountains provide a quiet serene atmosphere. In the pond, you might find Masked Plovers and Indian Pygmy Geese. The male Argus Pheasant can often be found strutting along the ground. Up in the trees you might find the King Parrots. There is generally a guide in this area, often with binoculars, who can answer questions and point out the birds.


Accessibility:  Guests may remain in wheelchair/ECV.  Audio Description is available.  Due to the nature of the experience, Guests with service animals should check with a Cast Member at the attraction for boarding information.

Some of the Birds and Animals you may come across along the Jungle Trek include:

Asian Tiger
Blackbuck Antelope
Eld’s Deer

Komodo Dragon
Malayan Flying Fox
New Guinea Masked Plover
Nicobar Pigeon

Water Buffalo
White Cheeked Gibbon

Be sure to ask the Guides any questions you might have about the animals you encounter during your trek. Many of the Guides are native to Asia.

Just before entering the aviary you can usually find a Bird Identification Sheet.


 Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia are represented through the architecture, animal carvings and ruins scattered throughout the trail.





How long is Maharajah Jungle Trek?

The ride takes 20 Minutes

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Will Maharajah Jungle Trek make me motion sick?

The motion level is NONE.

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Is Individual Attraction Selection available for Maharajah Jungle Trek?

Maharajah Jungle Trek is not eligible for Individual Attraction Selection

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Maharajah Jungle Trek is not included in Genie+

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