Everyone Loves Disney’s Pop Century Hotel … But It Has One Glaring Problem

Like many of our AllEars readers, we LOVE Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

What’s not to love? The hotel’s theming is some of the most fun theming you’ll find in Disney World. There’s a fun pool that’s themed to the 1960s. There’s a Tie Dye Cheesecake. There’s access to Disney’s Skyliner. But there’s one BIG thing that this hotel is missing and we think it’s a huge problem.

Like all other value resorts in Disney World, Pop Century really only has one option for dining if you need breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That’s a food court called Everything POP!, and although it DOES have that Tie-Dye Cheesecake, we think Disney’s Pop Century could have something even better: a table service restaurant.

Everything Pop!

Yes, we know, NONE of the other value hotels have table service restaurants either, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did? It’s not like we’re the only ones thinking this either — we’ve talked to a lot of Disney fans who have wished for table service restaurants at the value resorts. So this isn’t an uncommon idea.

Everything Pop

But let’s get back to Pop Century. Imagine a table service restaurant here that was based around the various decades, just like the hotel. It could have menu options from each of those decades and decor that’s just as wild and over-the-top as the decor around the hotel. Would we eat in front of a giant Mickey Phone? YES!

Mickey phone

The one thing that Pop Century does have, though, that only one other value resort has (Art of Animation) is easy access to table service restaurants at other hotels. You’re just a Skyliner ride away from the EPCOT-area resorts, which have a TON of dining options. You’re also just a quick ride away from Disney’s Riviera Resort, which has Topolino’s Terrace. You could also hop over to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and dine at Sebastian’s Bistro.

Skyliner Station between Art of Animation and Pop Century

But, still, we’d love another dining option at Pop Century, and we think people would respond well to it, considering it’s something we hear our readers wish for, too. So, Disney, if you’re paying attention, give us more dining options at the value resorts, please?

Check back with AllEars again soon for more.

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What do you think? Would you go to a table service restaurant at a value resort? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Everyone Loves Disney’s Pop Century Hotel … But It Has One Glaring Problem”

  1. Yes, they should. Even if it was designed like a grill or pub. Also what would make even more sense. Is if Disney decides to do it. They should build it near the Skyliner. For two reasons. One, so both Pop and Art Animation could have same distance access which should make it a successful location. Plus since it’s near Skyliner if other resort guests wanted to try it. It would be easily accessible from that standpoint!

  2. I just wish the food court would open earlier. I want to get breakfast before heading to early entry but for MK and AK you just can’t wait for 7am you need to be on the bus before then.