5 Disney World Game Plans for Ridiculously Specific Groups

So you’re planning your trip to Disney World with friends and you don’t know where to begin? We’ve been there.

Magic Kingdom

There are a few questions you all (AS A GROUP) need to answer: What do you 100% need to do? Do any of you have any things you absolutely won’t do? Are you marathoning or sprinting this trip (metaphorically, of course, no running in Disney World)? Sometimes these questions can be answered easier when you all have the same interests. Allow us to recommend some itineraries for you based on your group’s interests!

(Before we continue further, we’d like to clarify that most of this is satire and just for fun. Don’t take any of this TOO seriously!)

Sorority/Fraternity Reunions

So it’s been 5-10 years and you’re meeting back up with your sorority or fraternity in Disney World. First of all, godspeed, but second of all, you’ll need to do something that can accomodate a lot of people, and one thing sticks out to us is Drinking Around The World in EPCOT.

Canada Pavilion

Drinking often helps conversation flow for a lot of people, which is helpful for groups who haven’t seen each other (and maybe haven’t kept in touch) for quite some time. It can also ease any awkward tension someone may have with someone they absolutely despised and now they have to come face to face again.

Germany Pavilion

HOWEVER, going with this option does come with a mandatory side quest, and that is drinking a glass of water AND eating something in every country to help combat the alcohol. None of you can drink like you’re 18 again, so don’t pretend you can and then act like a fool in front of everyone — this is still a family park!

Influencers/Social Media Gurus

If your group is really into taking all the best photos to post after the trip, then the best thing to do is split the cost of a Private Photo Session in EACH park.


For $99, you can have a 20-minute photo session in multiple areas of each park. You can have up to 8 guests in each session, which doesn’t make it bad at all to split the cost between 4-5 people!


This way, no one is being asked to always take the photos and then isn’t in any, and you have an actual professional taking them for you! To book your session, check the available dates on the Disney World website, book your session, and meet at the designated spot Disney instructs you to at least 10 minutes before your session is set to begin. Keep in mind, too, that the photos are sold separately unless you’ve already purchased Memory Maker for your trip, or someone has an Annual Pass with the PhotoPass add-on.

Check out the most recent Capture Your Moment sessions added to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Choir/Band Friends

If you and your friends are musically inclined in any way, we highly recommend making it a mission to see as many live entertainment shows, concerts, and performances as possible!

Voices of Liberty!

Not only will you enjoy it because you may be picturing yourself up there someday, but you also know how to appreciate how much time and effort goes into putting on a show multiple times a day, or practicing for months on end to put your work in front of an audience. Some of the performances you won’t want to miss are:

Festival of Fantasy

Out of all the options in Disney World, we really think this is something that will bring you all together with a mutual interest, which is extra special in a place this magical!

Book Club

If you’re traveling with a group of friends who all love books, there IS an itinerary we recommend, and it’s very simple: take at least one hour out of each day to sit quietly somewhere and read/recharge and take in the ambiance around you.

Tomorrowland Terrace seating area

I’m a huge reader myself, and I love reading with ambiance music in the background — sometimes even Disney World ambiance! Some of the quiet spots we recommend are:


This is a great way to not only take a much needed break during a chaotic day, but also combine two things you all love!

Gamers and D&D Enthusiasts

I need you to know this entire section is inspired by my brother, and I’ve seen firsthand how much this can be enjoyed. If you’re heading to the parks with a group who loves gaming, especially role playing games like D&D, just spend most of your time in Galaxy’s Edge.

Galaxy’s Edge

For one, the characters in this land roam, so you really never know when you’re going to run into them. My brother had an AMAZING experience with some Stormtroopers while we were there together, and an amazing fellow guest caught it all on video for him! He fell into character immediately, and it’s something neither of us will ever forget.

Let’s be bounty hunters!

There’s also the fantastic Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters game you can play with your MagicBand+, where you go around the land and it beeps as you get closer to the bounty you’re trying to collect. Once you’ve collected it, you head back to the guild master where you started to collect your bounty, and set out on another one. There’s no prize for completing the game, but despite that, my brother finished the the whole thing twice just for fun! It really immerses you in the land, so you and your group are bound to have a great time.

Batuu Bounty Hunters game station

Of course, the best way to plan an itinerary for your group is to ask them what they’d like to do, but these may be some good starter points for you! We’re always here to help you plan your next Disney World vacation, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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What itineraries would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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