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Living with the Land – a gentle 14-minute boat ride through unique indoor plant-growing areas. An introduction shows tropic, desert and prairie biomes that existed before humans arrived. The automated narration explains all about the four greenhouses and the aquaculture facility.
Living with the Land Boat
The boat glides on into The Land’s experimental growing areas:

  • The Tropics Greenhouse – crops such as rice, sugar cane, peanuts, cacao, and bananas are usually grown under the 60-foot dome. These crops can be found in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and the southern United States.
  • The Aquacell – crops include fish, catfish, tilapia, sunshine bass and American eel.
  • The Temperate Greenhouse – featuring the concepts and technologies of sustainable agriculture, including intercropping, integrated pest management and specialized irrigation systems that reduce waste and increase crop production.
  • The Production Greenhouse – where tons of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and other vegetables are grown for use in The Land’s Garden Grill Restaurant and other Epcot restaurants. Land scientists utilize growing systems that are kinder to the environment and improve productivity.
  • The Creative House, showing imaginative ways to grow crops — without soil, hanging in the air, even on a space station. USDA scientists currently are working at The Land to develop fruit with a longer shelf-life.