We Might’ve Found Our NEW Favorite Dessert in All of Magic Kingdom

We love trying new snacks in Disney World.

Not So Poison Apple Churro

Magic Kingdom is full of delicious treats, especially around the holidays. One restaurant, The Columbia Harbour House is a nautical-themed restaurant that serves up tasty New England-style foods. And they have recently added a new dessert to their menu. Come check it out with us!

In Magic Kingdom at the Columbia Harbour House, you can find delicious seaside meals like lobster rolls, shrimp boils, and grilled salmon.

Columbia Harbour House

They also have yummy desserts like their new one named after a popular city– The Boston Cream Pie.

Boston Cream Pie

For $5.99, you can have what might be one of our new top 5 desserts in all of Magic Kingdom. It is a Vanilla Cake layered with Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Popping Candies, and Crisp Pearls topped with Fudge Icing and a Cherry. Surprised by the popping candies? We were, but we thought they were a fun addition.


The fudge icing on top was very thick, like a ganache with a great chocolate flavor. The light and fresh vanilla was a great combination with the already dense fudge; they went really well together to give you a nice balance of textures. However, it is quite sweet.

We loved this dessert!

If you’re not a fan of popping candies or don’t love chocolate, then you might find this snack to be a bit much. But if you love all things chocolate, especially fudge, then you’ll definitely want to try this cup of goodness. Stop by the Columbia Harbour House to get one for yourself!

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