Quincy’s Favorite Booth at the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

Happy EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival season!

Quincy and the Australia eats

That’s right! The biggest EPCOT festival of the whole year is back! Food and Wine kicked off on July 27th and will run through November 18th with over 25 different food booths. I spent the day eating around the festival and now I’m ready to share my favorite booth!

My team and I stopped at every. single. booth. on opening day to try out all of the festival eats and drinks. Look out for a full video of our experience on the AllEars YouTube channel and you can see reviews of alllll the food on the site right now.

The AE Youtube cast, plus our friend Cassie from Disney Food Blog!

But what was my favorite booth? Well, it’s a hard decision. I personally tried Fry Basket, The Alps, Australia, and Shimmering Sips today but I’ve had many, many eats that returned to the festival from years past.

My favorite booth that I tried on opening day was shockingly, Australia!

Australia Menu

I tried the Sweet-and-Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp, the Roasted Lamb Chop, AND the Lamington, and each of those items was delicious in its own way!

I don’t love lamb but really really enjoyed the lamb with the mint pesto. It made a typically heavy meat super summery, and the use of potato chips was such a fun textural element.

Lamp chop

I absolutely LOVED the snap peas with the shrimp, and the shrimp themselves were also pretty delicious.


And as for the Lamington? I think it’s a really quality dessert that I would go back and try again. I highly recommend it!


Really, the main reason Australia won out of my list of booths was that it surprised me entirely. This is a booth I’ve overlooked in the past, but this year, it was very well-rounded and I think it’s a sleeper hit.

Australian Spread

But does today’s favorite surpass my longtime Food & Wine winner? Though I love the fan-favorites of the Mexico Booth and the France Booth, my favorite booth at Food & Wine has been Tangierine Cafe: Flavors of the Medina for the past few years. 

Tangierine Cafe

This booth hasn’t really brought anything new to the scene, but as a lover of Moroccan food, I find myself returning again and again for the kebabs and stone-baked Moroccan Bread. Plus, Food & Wine has the unique and balanced Pistachio Cake at this booth!

Menu Board

So, which will it be for me this year? My opening day favorite, Australia, or reigning favorite, Tangierine Cafe?

My favorite booth at Food & Wine is still Tangierine Cafe. I just love the unique eats, the Moroccan flavors, and the general reliability of that booth.

Look at all this beautiful food!

But, I loved a LOT of what I ate at the opening day of the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival and you can see the team and I review everything in the video this Saturday. Keep an eye on AllEars.Net for more Food & Wine coverage!

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What do you want to try at Food and Wine? Tell us in the comments!

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