I Had the Worst Day Ever in Disney World, But This ONE Thing Saved It

It’s my job to make YouTube videos that help people go to Disney World and that means that I try to have the best day in the parks a lot.

Quincy at EPCOT

Perhaps the biggest thing that I’ve learned from this is that a day in Disney World does not typically go to plan. I know, that sounds scary! After all, you probably spent months planning your trip and getting what you want to do all mapped out. But don’t fear! Sometimes, it’s great when things don’t go to plan!

I’m sharing a tip today that I have learned the hard way many, many times. You can see a great example of plans going wrong in this YouTube video!

It can really be a bummer when a Disney trip (that you may have spent $1,000s on!) does not go as planned, but there’s one thing you can do to make ruined plans turn into a great surprise – PIVOT!

Much like Ross shouted in that one episode of Friends, we tend to say, “Pivot!” when our plans look like they are ruined. Sometimes, this happens on a large scale like in the video above, but sometimes it’s simple things like being hungry at a time you didn’t expect or a wait time being higher than you thought it was.

Cinderella Castle

Do not be afraid to veer from your plan! In fact, rigidly holding to your plan while things go wrong is a great way to put you in a bad mood. Instead, pivot to another idea.

There have been many occasions where we had to come up with a totally new plan of action because of an unexpected delay, weather, or mistake. But often, these instances have made for some of my favorite memories. For instance, in the video above, Emma and I did not make it through our challenge but we did have a surprising and wonderful meal at Nomad Lounge that we wouldn’t have gotten to do otherwise!

Storm in Hollywood Studios

The key, when things go wrong (big or small), is to keep a positive attitude and pivot. Now, that’s easier said than done when you’ve spent a lot of money to vacation in Disney World — but just because things don’t go to plan does not mean your vacation is ruined.

Nomad Lounge

There is so much to do in Disney World that you never know what you might find in one of those “pivot” moments — and you could make some of the best memories of the trip.

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