Several Rides Have Suddenly CLOSED in Disney World

Things are a bit COMPLICATED in Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

On the morning of March 23rd, we encountered a technical issue that caused some complications with those seeking to enter the parks. But that’s not all — several popular rides have also suddenly CLOSED in the parks. Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

As of 11:27AM on March 23rd, Living with the Land (EPCOT), Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom), and the Walt Disney World Railroad (Magic Kingdom) were all suddenly CLOSED.


Sometimes these closures only last for a few minutes (for example, earlier in the day we saw The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror closed but it soon reopened), or they can last much longer depending on what is causing the issue.


Here’s what to do if a ride suddenly closes during your trip:

  • Check the My Disney Experience app constantly for updates (if a wait time is displayed, you’ll know the ride has likely reopened!)
  • Ask Cast Members outside of the attraction if they know what has happened and if they have a better idea about when the ride might reopen
  • Come up with a plan “B” in case one of your must-do rides unexpectedly closes
  • Mentally prepare little ones for potential closures by discussing the possibility at home
  • Use that closure time to knock other things off of your list, take a break, grab a snack, or otherwise utilize your time in the park!

We’ll keep an eye out for more updates and let you know what we find!

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What ride closures have you experienced in Disney World? Tell us in the comments.

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