PHOTOS & VIDEO: TRON Ride Vehicle Testing Has Begun in Magic Kingdom

Construction for TRON Lightcycle Run is underway in Magic Kingdom, and it seems to be getting closer and closer to opening.

We can’t wait for TRON to take off!

Disney announced recently that TRON would be entering “phase two” of construction, which includes testing ride vehicles, and today we spotted an actual ride vehicle on the track!

Ride vehicle testing is a typical part of ride construction, and Disney explained recently that they’d be “push/pull testing” TRON ride vehicles, which involves sections of the vehicle train being moved slowly along the track.

Can you spot them?!

During this phase of ride vehicle testing, the vehicles are tested without people, and they slowly increase the speed until the vehicles reach the top speed. After that, weights will be added to the vehicles for more testing, followed by actual people!


The ride vehicles for TRON are two-wheeled Lightcycles, which are organized side-by-side into a train made up of seven rows. It’s so exciting to see them on the track!

Could TRON be opening soon??

Check out our video to see the ride testing in action! Remember, Disney will start by moving these vehicles very slowly as they make their way to the highest speed.

Disney has not yet announced a timeline for TRON Lightcycle Run to open, so stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney news!

Learn more about TRON Lightycle Run vehicle testing here!

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  1. Ok I know there are many who might disagree but I am a Disney traditionalist….these huge roller coaster….noisy….unsightly as far as landscape…don’t belong in Disney. Busch Gardens yes Disney no. Disney was never intended to house thrill rides….Never Walt’s vision….