An Overlooked Spot in Magic Kingdom Got an Alice in Wonderland Makeover!

Disney World is no stranger to excellent theming.

Tangled Bathrooms in Magic Kingdom

Whether it’s entire lands, restaurants, or even bathrooms, we love a good theme, and this Magic Kingdom spot just got a wonderful makeover!

If you’ve ever had a child in the parks who need to cool down, or needed amenities such as diapers, pacifiers, baby wipes, or more, Magic Kingdom’s Baby Care Center is a great resource! And the often-missed spot just reopened with a whole new look! The whole place has been re-themed to Alice in Wonderland! We were able to snap some pictures of it today, and it’s super cute.

Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

The area has chairs and tables, as well as select baby merchandise.

Baby merch at the Baby Care Center

What’s really great about the new decorations are all of the details! This sign with the White Rabbit can be found inside, and we love it!

Baby Care Center sign

Here’s a closeup of one of the illustrations of Alice that can be found on the wallpaper…

Alice wallpaper!

…as well as the White Rabbit!

White Rabbit on Baby Care Center wallpaper

The Queen of Hearts also makes an appearance!

Queen of Hearts wallpaper!

There are also several shelves in the room that feature tons of Alice in Wonderland easter eggs and references. This one features a doll of Alice!

Shelf at Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

This one has Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s hats!

Shelf at Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

Here’s another shelf with Alice in Wonderland decor.

Shelf in Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

They even have a huge cabinet filled with tea sets for decor — their very own mad tea party!

Cabinet at Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Station

We’re always staying up to date with the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to AllEars for more!

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