PHOTOS: We Stayed at the Disney World Hotel You Always Forget About

Disney World has a LOT of options for hotels and resorts to stay at during your vacation.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

You can choose from the more affordable value resorts, the mid-range moderate resorts, or the luxurious deluxe resorts. Before you drop the major cash required for the deluxe resorts, you might want to get a look inside at both the hotel in general and the guest rooms available there. Let’s peek inside one of these fancy hotels with a full room tour now!

We’re heading to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa today for a full tour of this hotel, including its lobby, amenities, and guest rooms.

Resort Atmosphere

Saratoga Springs is inspired by its namesake, which is “a late-1800’s New York retreat famous for its spas and horse racing.” The architecture is Victorian-style and there are plenty of nods to the luxurious pastimes of the late nineteenth century.

Saratoga Springs

This hotel is a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort, but you don’t have to be a member of DVC to stay here. As long as there are available rooms, anyone can book the Deluxe Studio Rooms, Treehouse Villas, or 1-, 2-, and 3- Bedroom Villas.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

When you arrive, head through the entrance…

Saratoga Springs Entrance

…and into the hotel’s lobby. The lobby was updated not long ago, so you can now check in like normal at the front desk.

Saratoga Springs Lobby

You can also choose to check in online or on the My Disney Experience app and then head straight to your hotel room when you arrive.

Saratoga Springs Lobby Refurbishments

Either way, remember that your MagicBand will serve as your keycard for your hotel room. In the lobby, check out some of the details that nod to horse racing, like the elegant pictures of horses that might look very familiar to you.

Saratoga Springs Lobby

There are portraits of Disney horses behind the check-in desks! You can spot Maximus from Tangled


…Angus from Brave…


…Phillipe from Beauty and the Beast


…and more!

The horses are all from Disney movies

Pools and Other Amenities

Saratoga Springs has a Senses Spa location that offers massages, facials, whirlpools, and more. The spa is currently unavailable, like most spa locations in Disney World. We’re not sure when it might return.

Senses Spa

There are also a few pools at this resort, including the High Rock Spring Pool and the Paddock Pool. Both pools have water slides, whirlpool areas, and splash areas for littler ones (including one splash pad with a Donald Duck theme).

Paddock Pool

You can grab a refreshing drink or snack at the On the Rocks Pool Bar at the High Rock Spring Pool.

On the Rocks Pool Bar

Over at the Paddock Pool, check out the Paddock Grill for some snack and drink options.

The Paddock Grill

Saratoga Springs is located right next to the Lake Buena Vista Golf Course, so if you’re hoping to get a couple of golf games in during your vacation, this hotel is a good option.

Lake Buena Vista Golf Course ©Disney


Saratoga Springs has access to the Disney World buses, with several stops inside the resort. There’s also an internal bus route that travels from the High Rock Spring Pool to the Treehouse Villas and back.

Bus Stop at Saratoga Springs

If you’re heading to Disney Springs, you can also take a boat there from this hotel.

Boat Launch


The Artist’s Palette is a Quick Service location here that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Artist’s Palette

You can grab a hot breakfast, snag some groceries or a snack, and choose from a pizza, gourmet sandwich, salad, and more options for lunch and dinner.

Artist’s Palette Counter

The Turf Club Bar and Grill offers luxurious dinners with a focus on classic American cuisine in a racetrack clubhouse-designed setting.

Turf Club Bar and Grill

You can order ribs, steak, fish, and more for entrees; appetizers like french onion soup and crab cakes; and desserts like lemon meringue pie and chocolate fruit tarts.

Turf Club Seating

We stopped by not long ago to try the Grilled Pork Chop

Grilled Pork Chop

Braised Lamb Tagliatelle

Braised Lamb Tagliatelle

…and classic New York Cheesecake for dessert.

New York Cheesecake

For a quicker stop, you can also head into the Turf Club Lounge.

Turf Club Lounge

There, you’ll find a few small plates as well as a lot of options for cocktails, beers, and wines. Be sure to check out their selection of mocktails for younger kids or adults who don’t want alcohol.

Lounge Seating

We stopped in the Lounge on our trip to try out the Millionaire Margarita

Millionaire’s Margarita

…and the Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip

The dip came with a cup full of Saratoga chips

Room Tour

Now let’s visit our room! We headed up to our standard room, which is a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom hotel room that sleeps up to four adults. If you’re hoping to have more people in your hotel room, check out the variety of villas available here as well. The room had a bedroom area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom with separate areas for the toilet, shower, and the sink.

Let’s head in!

When you enter the room, you’ll see a hallway and a mirror…


…along with a space to hang your bags and coats.


The door has both a deadbolt and an extra metal piece that swings out to secure the door.


Heading in, you’ll pass the kitchenette on your right.


This area is stocked with a mini-fridge (great for storing all the leftovers from some delicious Disney snacks)…

Ready for snacks!

…a toaster…


…a microwave…


…and a coffee maker.

Coffee Maker

There are all the fixings you need to make coffee as well, including the 50th Anniversary blend.

Coffee Station

Under the sink, there’s a storage area in case you bring any snacks of your own.

Storage under the sink

And above the sink, there’s even more cabinet space as well as disposable utensils, plates, bowls, and cups.

Lots of disposable dishes

The kitchen has a couple of handy tools as well, including a can opener and a corkscrew.

A couple of handy tools

You’ll also find some essentials for cleaning any dishes you bring along, like a sponge, rag, and soap.

Kitchen essentials

If you turn right, you’ll find the bedroom.

Bedroom area

There’s a queen-sized bed with a nightstand on either side and lights above the nightstand.

Queen-sized bed

The headboard is covered in a gorgeous fabric design…

So pretty!

…and there’s horse racing-inspired art above the bed.

Horse racing art

You’ll see a horse, a jockey’s helmet (complete with Mickey ears!), and a winner’s ribbon.


Each side has a nightstand with its own light and outlets.


The nightstands have outlets and light switches for the bedside lights.

Nightstand outlets

There are also drawers in each nightstand for some extra storage.

Nightstand drawers

To the right of the bed, there’s a couch and coffee table, which are situated in front of the television.

Couch area

Above the couch is a double-size pull-out bed, which can easily be pulled down at night and pushed back up in the morning to provide more room.

Pull-out double bed

The coffee table opens up so you can enjoy a snack while you watch some TV, and there’s even more storage space inside.


Across from the couch is the television of course…


…and the dresser is underneath that.


On top of the dresser is the sanitized TV remote in a plastic bag, a map to show you how the room is cleaned before your stay, and a 50th anniversary parks guide.

Remote and guide

There are plenty of drawers for those of us who love to unpack completely on our Disney World trips!

Dresser drawers

There’s a cushioned bench next to the dresser…

Cushioned bench

…which has even more storage space for all your essentials.

So much storage!

This room has plenty of storage, even if four adults are sharing.


Connected to the bedroom is the sliding door that leads out onto the balcony (or patio, depending on which floor you’re on).

Leading out to the balcony

Ours had two chairs and a little table so we could sit outside and enjoy some gorgeous Lake Buena Vista views.


The sliding doors have a lock…

Balcony lock

…and curtains you can draw when you’re not using the balcony.


Over in the bathroom, the vanity and sink are in one area…

Vanity area

…with the toilet and shower/tub in another room.

Toilet and shower

The vanity had one sink with plenty of counter space and some storage drawers.


Inside one of the drawers, there’s a hair dryer as well.

Hair dryer

There were a few toiletries here, like facial soap and lotion…


…as well as more toilet paper, tissues, and hand towels.

More toiletries and hand towels

Besides the large mirror, another mirror was on the wall next to the sink. It could be pulled out from the wall and had a light as well.


There were also a few outlets here for hair dryers, chargers, etc.


Besides the vanity was a closet, which housed the iron, ironing board, and some hangers for any clothes you need to hang up. There were also extra pillows and blankets here for the pull-down bed.


The toilet…


…and shower/tub combo is in the next room.


The shower has a sliding glass door.

You can take a bath!

Inside, you’ll find body wash, shampoo, and conditioner…

Toiletries in the shower

…as well as an extra shelf for any toiletries you bring yourself.

Extra space in the shower

There were four towels on racks inside the bathroom (with two on one rack and two on another) as well as four washcloths.


Overall Impression

Saratoga Springs is a luxurious-feeling hotel that has a few cute nods to Disney movies but is mostly an upscale resort. If you’re bringing little kids who want the full Disney experience, you might be better off at Disney’s highly-themed Art of Animation Resort or maybe the Moana-themed rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Art of Animation Lion King Family Suite

The price of rooms at Saratoga Springs varies depending on the room and time of year that you’re visiting. We took a look at prices for a week in February 2023 to see the average cost per night for each room. The standard deluxe rooms generally cost between $508 and $589 per night.


A 1-bedroom villa with a preferred view is about $793 per night, while a 2-bedroom villa ranges from $1,088 to $1,313 depending on the view. We weren’t able to find any available times for the 1-bedroom (standard) or 3-bedroom villas, which might mean that they’re all booked up for the near future.


The most expensive experience is the Treehouse Villas, which have all the amenities as the other villas (with a full kitchen as well), but they’re elevated off the ground with woodland views. Treehouse Villas cost about $1,366.


That wraps up our Saratoga Springs tour! Keep following AllEars for more updates and tips as you plan your upcoming vacation.

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Have you stayed at Saratoga Springs in Disney World before? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Saratoga is our home resort since 2012. We love it and have never had a bad experience. The close proximity to Disney Springs is a bonus and you can walk from many resort rooms. Thank you for the review.