7 Things You’ll Do for the Last Time at Walt Disney World in 2021

Disney World is changing constantly! Especially over the past few years, we’ve seen some offerings disappear, with new ones popping up in their place.

There are big changes in Disney World!

In 2021, there are several things that are ending permanently, and today we’re sharing the full list!

Ride the Magical Express

At the end of 2021, Disney’s Magical Express will be discontinued. Instead of free service from the Disney World Resorts to the airport, guests will need to arrange (and pay for) their own transportation. There are a few options to choose from, ranging from paid shuttles to rental cars — even a new high-speed train getting built within the next few years. You’ll definitely want to do some research before flying into MCO.

You will be missed, Magical Express!

Watch Happily Ever After

Fireworks returned to the parks in July 2021 after being suspended for a year and a half for health and safety reasons. However, we only got the chance to see some of the shows for a short time before they were replaced. This was the case with Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom, which permanently ended in September to make way for the new Disney Enchantment fireworks show.

Happily Ever After was a beloved show!

Watch EPCOT Forever

Another show that ended in September 2021 was EPCOT Forever. The show originally premiered in 2019 as a temporary replacement for Illuminations. It lasted until the parks closed down for COVID-19, then came back in July 2021 before it ended a few months later to make way for Harmonious.

EPCOT Forever was always meant to be temporary.

Ride the Old Jungle Cruise

Another big thing that happened in 2021 was the overhaul of Jungle Cruise at both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. New scenes were introduced to give the ride a more cohesive storyline, while some more culturally insensitive elements were removed. Next time you ride, make sure to look out for the new characters and additions!

New scenes added to Jungle Cruise

See Spaceship Earth’s Old Nighttime Look

Another new nighttime offering in Disney World is the Beacons of Magic that adorn the four park icons for the 50th Anniversary. Each of the icons got new lighting packages to last for the 18-month celebration, but the one that came to Spaceship Earth in EPCOT will be a permanent change. Now, the geodesic sphere is covered in many “points of light” that illuminate every night, in addition to new colorful projection patterns.

Spaceship Earth is BOLD now!

Dine at The Wave

In mid-2021, The Wave closed permanently at Disney’s Contemporary Resort to be replaced by a new restaurant for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. Now, the first floor of the Contemporary is home to Steakhouse 71 instead, an ode to Disney history and some classic American food. The restaurant has separate menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a very convenient location — just a short walk away from Magic Kingdom.

The Wave is no more!

Walk Through Future World

Right now, EPCOT is in the middle of a massive park-wide transformation. Future World is no more, instead being rethemed into three new “neighborhoods” — World Discovery, World Celebration, and World Nature. On your next visit, the park may look very different than what you’d expect, with construction walls covering a lot of the demolition and remodeling. There’s currently no expected date for when the transformation will be complete.

Future World is changing!

That’s everything on our list right now, but as things continue to change in Disney World, we’ll keep you updated! Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news and updates!

Click Here to Learn More About the EPCOT Transformation!

What change are you most excited about in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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9 Replies to “7 Things You’ll Do for the Last Time at Walt Disney World in 2021”

  1. Bob Chapman has DESTROYED the MAGIC that Walt worked so hard to create. Chapman is ALL AMOUNT THE MONEY. NOT about families spending quality time together. HE NEEDS TO GO! Bob Iger is now gone…SICKEN BY Bob’s decisions. WALT DISNEY IS TURNING OVER IN HIS GRAVE! CHAPMAN…REALLY?

  2. I feel terrible for the kids that watch your commercials and long to go to Disney world. I feel even worse for the parents that can’t afford to take those kids because it’s become out of reach for even the middle class without going broke!

  3. I’m a bit confused by some comments here. I remember traveling to WDW before the Magical Express and, amazingly, we figured out how to arrange our own transportation. It was convenient of course, but people went to Disney before and they’ll manage it after.
    Also, arranging your own transportation when you arrive at a destination is literally how every other place on earth functions. I don’t understand the fit people are having.
    Finally, traveling with kids is ALWAYS a challenge. The Magical Express didn’t impact that. And while it may have been easier for parents, I’ve ridden with plenty of disgruntled kids. So nothing new there either….

    1. Forgot to mention you paid for transportation.
      Now you pay for a sunpass,parking,gas,fight traffic,rental,all stress free of course !

      Fussy kids love sitting in a car after a few hours flight, yeah ! Confused about all that eh ?

      Mears buses are available as they have been “for now”. But guests have so many choices for transpotation a free (included in price of resort) mears bus is no longer warrented.

      It’s better for you to pay ! While the fee for ME has not been removed from the overall cost of your resort and vacation stay.

      For those who remain, “A BIT CONFUSED ?”

      Yes, everywhere else you move your own bags, take a shuttle, rent a car, ect….

      Thats why people wanted the ME express and used it because it was one more thing they diden’t have to plan and worry about.

      And why they choose WDW over everywhere else !

      Enjoy driving among disgruntled adults in the future.

  4. I cannot believe all of the changes that are being made. Some are alright. But, no transportation? Is this a joke? How are all of the people supposed to get to their Disney Hotels? Is Mears going to be an option? If not, that’s another 150$!

  5. Taking young children to wdw was stressful enough. Now you cannot relax once you get off your flight. Finding your own way to baggage carosel, then to some sort of transportation to a resort. Where you transport bags while watching squirmy kids who cant relax and want to eat as soon as they see food.

    The stress level added to adults trip is immeasurable. Being able to relax upon arrival at MCO is now gone. Worry about boarding on time, arrival at MCO, checking your bags prior to getting in a long line at security.

    Why on earth would anyone reward Walt Disney Corp. For adding greif and added expenses, they pawned off on customers ?

    Going to WDW is also on my last things I’ll do in 2021 and the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for bending over backward !!!!, to ruin our family vacation tradition. Your true colors are on full display for all to see.

    Covid shutdown cost everyone money, you choose to punish financially, your frequent customers.
    As is your privilege. We now exercise ours by telling you………..”Go amuse yourselves”.