PRICING Revealed for Transportation Service Set to Replace Disney’s Magical Express

We’ve finally got more details on the new transportation service that is set to replace Disney’s Magical Express in 2022!

Mears Bus Transportation at the Swan and Dolphin

Though Disney has decided to discontinue the complimentary transportation service, Mears (which is the company that operates the buses now) will be continuing to offer shuttles between the Orlando International Airport. Today, reservations for January 1st, 2022, and beyond became available, and now we’ve got a better idea of how much it will cost.

Of course, the biggest difference between Disney’s Magical Express and Mears Connect is that the shuttle service will no longer be free. Instead, prices will vary based on when you’re traveling, which Disney World Resort you’re staying at, how many people are in your party, and which level of service you choose (Standard or Premium).


So, the trip can cost as little as $16 for one adult one-way or up to $250 for a family of four using the Premium Service.


We’ll continue to keep an eye out for more information on the new shuttle service and pricing, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the latest!

Learn More About Mears Connect and How to Make Your Reservation HERE!

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Have you ever been on Disney’s Magical Express? Let us know in the comments!

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14 Replies to “PRICING Revealed for Transportation Service Set to Replace Disney’s Magical Express”

  1. I tried to book service to the Hilton Double Tree @ Disney Springs, but they are not offering service to that hotel even though the other two Hilton Hotels near Disney Springs do have service!!! $32 for standard round trip to Disney Springs area.

  2. I bet the fluctuation at French Quarter is due to the date. One day after the holiday the airport traffic will be very heavy that day.
    I booked French Quarter for 1/28/22 and round trip for adult and child was only 59.00 total.

  3. I booked Mears for my vacation on February 2 to February 9 for 5 people round trip and paid $160.00 (32.00 X 5). I’m not happy that DisneyWorld discontinued the Magical Express, but I think Mears is a reasonable alternative.

  4. Although I am fortunate enough to be able to afford this, I will not return to Disney World for the foreseeable future. The profit-taking that is occurring now under the guise of recapturing lost revenue due to the pandemic is obscene. Along with lost revenue was a drastic drop in operating costs and now Disney is just taking advantage of a travel-starved market. I, along with my family, will not be participating. At some point, prices will have to drop or services that are now charged for will return to being free. There will be a point where the public will just stop attending, either because of the prices being too high, or inflation eating up any residual income that used to go to vacationing.

    1. You are more optimistic than I am. There appears to be no drop in attendance after these changes were made and I think Disney ever “rescinding” these fees or restoring services is unlikely. It seems more likely that they’ll just close certain resorts as a cost cutting measure during off peak times- probably the All Stars. WDW will just go to a “special” vacation experience instead of people taking multiple trips a year or going every year. But they will still get enough attendance to make it a viable business.

  5. It seems like the more expensive the hotel is a night like the dolphins I think the flamingo, animal kingdom the price will go up

  6. Just curious, is it possible that you typed in something wrong that gave it the impression you want to travel to New Orleans French Quarter, $150 for one person would be about right if you were going to New Orleans from MCO.

  7. I just quoted the service for my trip in Feb 2022. $160 for 5 people and 3 bags! I’ll pass Disney! Thanks for the MAGIC!

  8. I just punched in 3 of us for French Quarter for our trip in February and it did come up at $96 total or $32 per person. So it worked for me but I can’t book yet because I don’t have flights yet.

  9. what’s the difference in standard service and premium service? is premium direct to your hotel/ do they get your bags like Magical express did? Is standard multiple stops and you grab your own luggage? or is this not known yet?