AllEars TV: Disney World’s NEW Way to Skip The Lines — Genie+

Disney Genie is finally here! The new planning service, which features paid Lightning Lanes (the new version of FastPass) and Individual Attraction Selection (A.K.A. Pay-Per-Ride A.K.A. Fancy Rides), arrived at Disney World just a few days ago.


If the new service has left you perplexed, never fear! We here at AllEars are on the case figuring out all the ins and outs of the app and today, we’ve got a new video about it for you.

Click below to see Molly Break Down All Things Disney Genie!


Click Here to Read About Our First Day Using Genie!

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3 Replies to “AllEars TV: Disney World’s NEW Way to Skip The Lines — Genie+”

  1. Molly just successfully made going to Disney World sound like you’ve just signed your family up for The Amazing Race. Nothing about this sounds fun or even remotely like a vacation. Someone needs to tell the powers that be that, yes, in today’s world everyone has their phone on them. NO, everyone does NOT want to have to constantly rely on them just to stroll around a theme park. I think the Disney execs saw all of these people looking at their phones all day and thought, “Hey, we need to incorporate PHONES into everyone’s day at Disney…because that’s the thing now!” NO, these kids are looking at their phones because they can’t live their lives without checking social media and seeing how many people still LIKE them. THAT is 100% fact of today. Please please get back to letting Disney be a place where you leave the real world behind! I have ALWAYS left my phone in the safe back at the room. Now, just to go tour a hotel, I get hassled like crazy and have to make mobile orders to prove that I have a reason to be there, and have to whip out my phone continuously, even though I won’t ever use Genie +. It literally sucks the life out of my vacation.

    1. Lmao. Hotel hopping without reservations is closed to help reduce crowds *because of Covid*. And there is no requirement to use any of the features found on phones; you can easily just walk the parks and use standby lines. Get over yourself.

  2. In 1971 Walt wanted this to be a place families could have fun and AFFORD.

    What has happened to that?

    Charge more

    All Ears and all vloggers make it sound like it is a great deal and money is no object to them.