8 New Things Coming to Disney World in 2022

2021 has flown by and it’s hard to believe that it’s already October.

EPCOT Entrance

2021 was a huge year for Disney World, with lots of reopenings, openings, and the debut of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration. So what’s happening in 2022? Let’s discuss!


Disney has officially confirmed a few new additions to Disney World coming in 2022.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

The new omnicoaster, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, will open sometime in 2022 in EPCOT. This indoor roller coaster has vehicles that will actually rotate 360 degrees so riders can see every part of the ride’s storyline.


Cosmic Rewind is a family friendly roller coaster that will feature the citizens of the planet Xandar, and of course the Guardians of the Galaxy get in on the action too! We don’t have an opening date yet but it will be sometime in 2022.

We went INSIDE Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind!


Disney announced a new, interactive MagicBand coming to Disney World in 2022, and this MagicBand will change how guests interact in Disney Parks! The MagicBand+ will have new, immersive features that let Disney World guests be more than just spectators.


The new MagicBand+ will have haptic vibrations, gesture recognition, and color changing lights that even sync with fireworks shows. Guests will also be able to use the MagicBand+ to interact with the 50th anniversary statues and even pretend to be bounty hunters in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

Everything we know about Disney World’s new MagicBand+!

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

The highly anticipated Star Wars hotel, known officially as the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, will open on March 1st, 2022 in Disney World. This immersive hotel will bring guests into the Star Wars universe for an interactive, 2-night stay.


The price tag for a 2-night Star Wars hotel visit is pretty high, but it includes food and drinks (excluding alcoholic drinks), admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a quick service meal in Hollywood Studios, valet parking, and an exclusive MagicBand. Reservations open to the public on October 28th, 2021.

Here’s the Star Wars hotel opening timeline!

Mears Connect

Disney has discontinued the Magical Express airport transportation service, and Mears Connect, the same company that operated the Magical Express, will provide paid transportation services to and from the Orlando International Airport and Disney World in 2022.

Mears Coach Bus

Magical Express will no longer be available as of January 1st, 2022, so Mears Connect will officially replace this previously complimentary service at that time. Pricing has already been revealed and reservations are open, so make sure you schedule your transportation service if you have a trip in 2022!

Read more about Mears Conect airport service here!

Amazon Echo Devices

In 2022, Disney will be partnering with Amazon to give Disney World Resort hotel guests an optional, complimentary Amazon Echo in their rooms. It will have an interactive “Hey Disney!” voice assistant that can help you set timers, alarms, check the weather, and more.


The “Hey Disney” feature will use voices of Disney characters like Mickey, Olaf, C-3PO, and others,  and guests can also use it to order room amenities, hear jokes told by Disney characters, ask trivia questions, and more.

Amazon Alexa is coming to your Disney World hotel room!


These Disney World projects are not yet confirmed, but we’re guessing that it’s possible for them to open in 2022.

TRON: Lightcycle Run

TRON: Lightcycle Run is currently being constructed in Magic Kingdom, and we’ve been watching it progress for some time now. It was originally scheduled to open on October 1st, 2021, but Disney has not yet updated us with an opening date.

TRON construction

This roller coaster is based on the 1982 movie TRON and it will be similar to the TRON roller coaster in Shanghai Disneyland. Guests will board two-wheeled lightcycles and travel through elaborate lighting under a huge canopy that changes with days and nights. We’ll be looking out for an official opening date!

Learn more about TRON: Lightcycle Run here!

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana

Journey of Water will be an interactive, magical watery trail where guests can play with water just like Moana does in her film. We can’t wait to see what this will look like!

Journey of Water Concept Art ©Disney

This new attraction will be located in the new World Nature neighborhood of EPCOT, and though we’ve seen construction progress, we still have yet to hear of an official opening date, though it was originally scheduled to open on October 1st.

Here’s more about Moana: Journey of Water!

PLAY! Pavilion

In EPCOT,  the PLAY! Pavilion will be an immersive space for guests to interact with Disney characters, both physically and digitally. It will resemble a bustling metropolis where guests can create, explore, and interact.

PLAY! Pavilion at the EPCOT Experience

Originally scheduled to open on October 1st, the PLAY! Pavilion remains delayed with no opening date. This space will be full of hands-on activities and entertainment, and we’re interested to find out how this transforms EPCOT even more.

Read more about EPCOT’s transformation here!

And that’s the big stuff (maybe) coming to Disney World in 2022! There’s a lot to look forward to and we’ll keep on hoping for official opening dates for all of these projects. Keep reading All Ears for more Disney World news!

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  1. Cosmic Rewind is described as “family friendly”. What other Disney coaster has a comparable intensity? Is the 360 degree rotation programmed and controlled or free-wheeling like Triceratops Spin? We have family members that don’t handle all coasters well. More information will be appreciated.