The Biggest Surprises From Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Announcements

Disney World just dropped several huge announcements about the upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration today!


There will be a new fireworks show, projections, and character cavalcade in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom will be getting a daytime show, and 50 character statues will be put up around the four parks! All of this is super exciting, but we were left with a lot of questions as well!

There are many things Disney didn’t mention anything about while sharing all of this new info. Here are the most surprising parts of the recent 50th anniversary announcements!

No Word on TRON Lightcycle Run

Hey Disney, remember how you’re building this huge new roller coaster over in Tomorrowland? We haven’t heard an update on the project in quite some time.

Coming along…

While previously slated for a debut prior to the 50th anniversary, Disney has remained silent on a new date for the coaster since the parks reopened. Reports have indicated that the project has been delayed, though this has never been officially confirmed by Disney.

Still working!

Construction began on this ride in 2018, and it’s come a long way, but with no update from Disney today it’s seeming less and less likely we’ll see the ride open for the 50th anniversary.

No Word on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Another ride that was supposed to debut for the 50th anniversary was Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT.


While Disney has given us a sneak peek inside the ride in the past, we haven’t heard anything in regards to an updated opening date, with no word on it coming in time for the anniversary with Disney’s announcements this morning.

Ride Vehicles on Guardians of the Galaxy ©Zach Riddley

This is Disney’s first reverse-launch coaster and the ride vehicles can spin all the way around, so we’re super eager to know when we can finally hop on the coaster!

Nothing for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We got announcements for Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and a ton for Magic Kingdom, but poor Hollywood Studios has nothing! The three other parks were all revealed to be getting special shows for the celebrations.

NEW fireworks for EPCOT and Magic Kingdom, a new daytime show for Disney's Animal Kingdom….

Posted by AllEars.Net on Tuesday, June 22, 2021

While nothing was specifically announced, we do know that Tower of Terror will be getting a makeover with Disney’s new “EARidescence” lighting decorations (along with the other 3 parks’ icons) and some of the 50 character statues are sure to be in the park, but that’s about it!


Hopefully Disney will let us know soon so we have a fun reason to book park passes for the anniversary!

No Parades

Disney World has been using cavalcades instead of parades ever since reopening last year, which are basically mini parades that only have a few floats and characters. They just announced that a new character cavalcade is coming to Magic Kingdom for the 50th Anniversary.


However, with restrictions majorly loosening up recently, park passes being added, and capacity being increased, we still haven’t heard any word on the return of parades in the parks.

Gaston in the cavalcade

The 50th seems like it would be the perfect occasion to bring parades back to Disney, but so far nothing has been announced.

These were all of the most surprising things from all of the recent 50th Anniversary announcements. Hopefully we’ll get more information soon on what else is going on for the celebration, so stay tuned to All Ears for when we find out more news!

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What were you surprised about during the recent 50th Anniversary announcements? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “The Biggest Surprises From Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Announcements”

  1. With Mickey’s Runaway Railway, Rise of the Resistence, and well, Galaxy’s Edge, I can’t imagine HS is going to get another new major attraction anytime soon. How long has this reworking of EPCOT been delayed and in the works after all? 2022 is going to be a major year for WDW. They will still be celebrating the golden anniversary for MK, it’s going to be the 40th anniversary of EPCOT, it’s the first fully post-COVID vaccine season and all these new attractions are coming. We’ve also got the Moana water feature attraction at EPCOT and the rethemeing of Splash Mountain. If I were to bet, Tron will open in time for Oct 1st but Guardians won’t. The Tron ride is probably the only one that looks complete enough to make it. It looks like they are working on the major design elements both inside and outside. After that it’s the more complicated thing of getting all the elements running and in sync for test runs.

  2. This is becoming par for the course with Disney management. We’ll release as little as possible to keep our options open right up to the last minute and leave everyone guessing. Instead of releasing plans and a rough timeline of anything expected so no one can get their hopes up or even plan a trip when something opens. It’s as if they no longer want to have key attractions to release as it might increase attendance beyond what we want to have open capacity for. They will reduce their overall demand beyond their ability to increase it by getting more and more customers annoyed enough to walk away from them. And they don’t realize that it’s the previous generation that brings in new generation of customers by going for cash grab movies and entertainment and not focusing on the end product storytelling that engages both generations. It’s not inevitable yet but close to it.