How Long Are the Lines in Disney World Right Now?

Last week, Disney World made a major announcement by modifying their health and safety guideliens following the CDC’s latest recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals.

Can you spot the difference in this updated signage around Disney World?

Since then, we’ve seen Disney World lift their face mask mandate in certain outdoor settings as well as begin to adjust physical distancing measurements on certain rides and attractions.

That got us thinking; how have ride wait times at Disney World been in the last few days compared to previous weeks before these modifications were put into place? We looked back on the average wait times on May 2nd, May 9th, and May 15th to see how long the lines at Disney World actually are right now, and see if there was any difference after the new health policies were implemented!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

  • May 2nd: 46 minutes
  • May 9th: 44 minutes
  • May 15th: 43 minutes

Space Mountain

  • May 2nd: 33 minutes
  • May 9th: 33 minutes
  • May 15th: 32 minutes

Splash Mountain

  • May 2nd: 60 minutes
  • May 9th: 62 minutes
  • May 15th: 58 minutes
Splash Mountain


Test Track

  • May 2nd: 46 minutes
  • May 9th: 45 minutes
  • May 15th: 47 minutes


  • May 2nd: 44 minutes
  • May 9th: 44 minutes
  • May 15th: 47 minutes

Frozen Ever After

  • May 2nd: 41 minutes
  • May 9th: 38 minutes
  • May 15th: 38 minutes
Frozen Ever After

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Slinky Dog Dash

  • May 2nd: 60 minutes
  • May 9th: 59 minutes
  • May 15th: 62 minutes

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

  • May 2nd: 58 minutes
  • May 9th: 56 minutes
  • May 15th: 54 minutes

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

  • May 2nd: 35 minutes
  • May 9th: 33 minutes
  • May 15th: 35 minutes
Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Flight of Passage

  • May 2nd: 57 minutes
  • May 9th: 61 minutes
  • May 15th: 72 minutes

Expedition Everest

  • May 2nd: 16 minutes
  • May 9th: 16 minutes
  • May 15th: 17 minutes

Kilimanjaro Safari

  • May 2nd: 35 minutes
  • May 9th: 34 minutes
  • May 15th: 37 minutes
Flight of Passage Queue

In general, the wait times for Disney World’s most popular rides have remained relatively consistent in the month of May thus far. Keep in mind that although some social distancing policies are being modified to allow for increased capacity on rides and attractions (a measure that should decrease wait times overall), Disney CEO Bob Chapek noted that park capacity would also be increasing right away in light of the new CDC recommendations.

Magic Kingdom crowds

So, an increase in ride capacity might have made the lines shorter, but increased park capacity has seemed to keep average wait times right where they are for the time being!

Kilimanjaro Safaris Queue

We’ll continue to keep a close watch on the wait times at all four theme parks! Be sure to check our reports on the latest average wait times at Disney World so you can prepare for your upcoming vacation!

Click here to read more about Bob Chapek’s reaction to the latest CDC guidance.

How long would you wait for your favorite Disney World ride? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I like to see data so I really like this post! It would be interesting to see how these wait time comparisons held up over a longer period of time.