New Experiences Now Available in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

If you didn’t know, Disney World is celebrating Earth Month in April, and celebrations are ramping up this week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Earth Day Banner

We’re at Animal Kingdom today checking out what’s new, and have already seen some new friends out and about! Now, we’re checking out some of the activities you can take part in this week to celebrate Earth Day and the message of conservation.

To get to these special features, you’ll need to hop on the train at Rafiki’s Planet Watch and head on up to Conservation Station.

Hard at work!

There you can find the Animation Experience, which is bringing new characters back into the rotation for this special occasion!

It’s Simba!

While there aren’t any BRAND new characters (we have drawn Simba before during a Lion King event, and spotted Bruce during a Villain week!) they are being brought back for the first time in a while.

He’s baaaaaaack

When we popped in, the class was working on Simba, and next up was Shere Khan from The Jungle Book.

Looking a little scary there, bud!

The characters will rotate throughout the day, so you won’t know who is being offered until you get to the class, but looking at the class set up, we saw several other potential options including Crush, Terk, and Dumbo!

So many options!

These characters were chosen because they support the overall theme of conservation, which is an especially big focus in the park this Earth Day!

Who are you hoping to draw??

Once you’ve finished your drawing class, you can head over to the Wilderness Explorers booth!

Time to get our Nature Badge!

This booth has a focus on the National Parks and even has a QR Code you can scan to visit the National Parks website, which has virtual programming you can take part in.

They have activities you can do right from home!

After learning a little about the National Parks and conservation activities you can do on your own, you’ll be awarded your Nature Badge, which is available JUST for Earth Week.

Woo hoo!

Make sure to stick it in your Wilderness Explorers Handbook so you don’t lose it!

Now to collect all the other badges!

After you’re done getting your new badge, you can go and meet some of the animals around Conservation Station, or head back to the rest of the park to collect even more badges! We think this is a great way to spend time in the parks this week, and a unique way to have fun learning.

Hey Wilderness Explorers, guess who you can meet this week??

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How will you be celebrating Earth Day this week? Let us know in the comments! 

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