PHOTOS: We Stayed at the Most Underrated Magic Kingdom Resort Hotel

When it comes to Magic Kingdom-area resorts, the Monorail loop hotels (Disney’s Contemporary, Polynesian Village Resort, and Grand Floridian) often get all the hype. But, what about Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort?!

Copper Creek Villas sidewalk at WIlderness Lodge

Recently, we enjoyed a stay at a Deluxe Studio at the Copper Creek Villas at Wilderness Lodge, which is the Disney Vacation Club section of the resort. Thinking of staying at this spot? If so, here’s EVERYTHING you need to know, from the resort atmosphere to what this kind of hotel room has to offer you and your family!

Resort Atmosphere

Wilderness Lodge is a Deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World on Bay Lake.

Wilderness Lodge

The resort is themed to the Pacific Northwest and is actually modeled after  the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park!

Wilderness Lodge lobby

Look around, and you’ll see American craftsmanship, lots of wood, and nods to native Americans with totem poles, headdresses, and more.

Wilderness Lodge

It’s also hard to ignore the massive stone fireplace in the lobby.


Remember how we mentioned Old Faithful? Wilderness Lodge has its very own waterfalls, hot springs…

….and geyser, the latter of which will erupt from time to time!

Geyser (not erupting)

That flowing water even runs right into the lobby, bringing more of that Pacific Northwest natural vibe indoors.

Lobby water!

There are four dining options at Wilderness Lodge. There are two Table Service locations, Artist Point, which has a Story Book Dining Experience with Snow White, the Seven Dwarves, and the Evil Queen and serves food themed to the first full-length animated feature film. This location, however, is currently closed.

Artist Point

The open Table Service spot is Whispering Canyon Cafe, which is best known for its all-you-care-to-eat skillets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Geyser Point Bar & Grill serves lounge bites with Pacific Northwestern twists, like Roasted Salmon or a Bison Burger with Marionberry Sauce.

Bison Burger

It’s also a great spot to hang out with the AllEars team!

Alan, Morgan, Molly, Autumn, Breedlove, and Quincy!

Roaring Fork is a Quick Service spot with breakfast specialties like Bananas Foster French Toast and lunch and dinner options that include sandwiches and salads.

Roaring Fork

Wilderness Lodge also features two pools, the Copper Creek Springs Pool, which is spilled into by the nearby bubbling creek and geyser. This pool features a waterslide built into the rocks and hot tubs. (This pool was closed for refurbishment during our stay.)

Wilderness Lodge’s location near Magic Kingdom on the water means you can travel to the Magic Kingdom via water taxi. Disney buses are also available.

Quiet bus ride over to Magic Kingdom!

It’s a BEAUTIFUL resort, and one of the resorts at Walt Disney World worth visiting even if you aren’t staying there. But we DID stay there. So, how was that deluxe studio villa?!

Room Tour

The first thing you notice when walking in is the entryway with a sliding glass mirror door so you can check your outfit before heading to the parks!

Sliding door in entry way

On the opposite side of that floor length mirror, you’ll notice a kitchenette, which features plenty of essentials, like a microwave, BIG coffeepot, mini fridge, and sink! 

Around the corner, you’ll spot the bathroom area. The sink is outside the toilet and tub so one person can get ready while another showers for the day!

Bathroom exterior

The sink has a gorgeous granite countertop and came with individual hand soap and body lotion.

The studio has two different options for the restroom, one with a tub/shower and another with walk in shower for wheelchair accessibility. Ours had a tub and shower.

Copper Creek tub

And, yes, in that tub, there are MORE individual bath products by H2O+.

H2O+ bath products

The showerhead had a removable portion and hose, so you can clean thoroughly after a long day at the parks!

Copper Creek showerhead

The bathroom featured a glass shower door, which is easy to clean. And the artwork carries through some of the theme from the lobby, with a totem pole painting.

Copper Creek bathroom

You’ll see more of those touches of the Pacific Northwest and the sort of national park theme with these patches, which represent areas around the resort!

Copper Creek artwork

The room isn’t heavily themed, but these touches are nice, like this painting of a gorgeous mountainscape.

That’s the walls, of course. On the floor, there was a queen bed…

Queen Bed

…and a sofa…

…which pulls out into a queen size bed.

This room could comfortably sleep four (unlike spots like the Polynesian bungalows, this room does not have a pullout bed under the TV). However, it should be noted that the sofa bed isn’t the comfiest bed in the world, so be warned if you’re those third and fourth travelers. When the bed is tucked in, there’s room for a coffee table in the “living room.”

Sofa and coffee table

That’s not your average coffee table, though! It pulls out further, perfect if you have to do any blogging from your laptop!

Secret table!

If you are sitting, though, you’ll see a flat screen TV and some very rustic drawers.

TV and table

And a two-seat table for morning meals or coffee.

Our table!

And that mirror looks like it’s made from a tree trunk! It’s gorgeously detailed, and honestly, we kind of want one.

Can you be in love with a mirror?!

We could stare at this mirror all day, but then we’d miss out on this gorgeous patio.


The views were as pretty as the patio.

Those views!

Back to the room, there’s a GREAT advantage to Disney resorts — all the storage space! We already saw all of the drawers beneath the TV… But then, there are surprises.

Bench for storage

This bench? It’s no ordinary bench! It doubles as a drawer!

Surprise! Storage!

And there’s tons of space under the bed for your big suitcases and other large items. They just slide on in, helping to keep your space tidy.

Under the bed storage

And, of course, there are classic side table drawers.

Side table

There’s a lot of function to be had here!

Overall impression

Overall, we loved this spot. Wilderness Lodge is a beautiful resort from its lobby with its national park theme and wooden and water details. If we had to pick any room to stay at in this resort, the Copper Creek villa rooms are truly beautiful, with fresh details and a new feel. It’s roomy enough for a small family or a couple, and we appreciated all of the function and storage in the bedroom.

There are some issues that may arise if four adults were to stay specifically in the studio. The pullout bed wasn’t overly comfortable, and there’s just one bathroom, which could be quite in demand in the morning or at night. But, once again, for two adults or two adults and a couple of kids, this would work quite well.

We booked last-minute stay by renting DVC points through David’s DVC Rentals! If you have any questions on renting other’s DVC points through the site, you can find answers here!

If you want a full overlook at the hotel, be sure to check out Molly’s tour of the best parts of Disney’s Wilderness Resort!


Have you stayed at the Copper Creek Villas? Make sure to leave your review below!

5 Things We Love About Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

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Have you ever stayed at the Copper Creek Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge? Let us know in the comments!

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14 Replies to “PHOTOS: We Stayed at the Most Underrated Magic Kingdom Resort Hotel”

  1. Stayed in 2018 and loved it so much, I just became a DVC member with Copper Creek as my home resort.❤️

  2. My husband and I stayed here in March as our family drove and stayed at Ft. Wilderness. What a great use of our DVC points! Glad we rented a car, but on site everything is close. Every resort has a distinct aroma and Copper Creeks’ is amazing. We were in a two bedroom so had plenty of room. Not much storage if you want to cook. The fitness center was on the first level and the pool was behind the building. So convenient! Great experience with our family close by.

  3. As someone from Montana (Yellowstone National Park is located in Montana and Wyoming), who currently lives in the Seattle area, I just have to point out Yellowstone is located in the mountain region of the US, not the Pacific Northwest. But both regions have resorts that have similar themes. I could see Wilderness Lodge actually being located in either region.

  4. The beauty of this resort at Christmas was the reason we bought into DVC in the first place back in 2005. For those of us who live surrounded by perpetual palm trees in Miami, it takes us to experience the Pacific Northwest without leaving FL during the holidays. Its restaurants are close by and excellent, and everyone should experience the “quiet” eating atmosphere of Whispering Canyon at least once! Gorgeous lobby!

  5. As a DVC owner at both Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge, I can say with all sincerity, you will not like Wilderness Lodge. Please stay away. Mine! Mine! Mine!
    It really is a great place both for couples and families. We love how compact it is and how everything is a very short walk away. The theme is beautiful and makes it a nice oasis away from the noise of the parks.

  6. “Unlike some Disney Vacation Club rooms, this does not have a stovetop.”
    I would rephrase that to say “No DVC studio rooms have stovetops.” as it makes it almost sound like someone might expect a stovetop in some studios.

  7. We stayed at Wilderness Lodge at Christmas time in a standard room. It is a beautiful deluxe resort and everything is in one building (exception staying in the cabins or villas outside the main building). Main bus stop is close and convenient. We liked the restaurants, often we went to Roaring Fork. It is very different from the sprawling moderates.

  8. We stayed in 2 bedroom villa at Wilderness Lodge Boulder Ridge in September 2019. We liked it so much we are staying there for our next trip.

  9. We dined at artist point last March and walked through the lodge before our reservation. It is a gorgeous area. While there we talked about checking into staying there our next trip. Thanks for the recommendation and reminder.

  10. I really want to go back to Disney World and stay at a gorgeous hotel like this. I need a vacation so bad!!!!!!!!!

  11. Great report – we are thinking of staying here on our next trip

    The only issue raised for me is the woman sat in front of the fire with her mask under her nose. It’s been a year and still people don’t get it!

    1. Did you notice the man had his mask dangling off his left ear? Not even wearing it!? So glad I’m vaccinated!
      This hotel looks very similar to Disneyland’s Grand Californian, my favorite Disney property.