PHOTOS: Drink Like ROYALTY With New Disney Princess Mugs!

Love to sparkle and shine? Do you often remind others that you run your castle? Or that you are a true princess? Well then you’re going to LOVE what we found today.

Disney Princess Mugs

You may already have the NEW Disney Princess ears with a tiara, and the new glittery MagicBandBut, now there’s another way to show your love of the Disney Princess and drink like royalty with these new mugs!

We spotted these new mugs today in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Riverside Depot, but be sure to check for them elsewhere on property as well. The mugs themselves are plastic and are each themed to a different princess or princess-inspired thing. And the best part? They’ve each got uniquely shaped glitter/confetti in their handles.

Princess Mugs

For those who love Snow White, there’s a Snow White mug with the poisoned apple front and center. Just make sure to check your apple juice and make sure no evil witches have been casting spells on it before you drink it out of this cup.

Snow White Mug

The back of the mug says “Just one bite.” And the handle of the mug has glitter in it in the shape of an apple!

Snow White Mug

If you’re more of a Jasmine fan, you can get this mug featuring the Magic Lamp on it.

Jasmine Mug

The back of the mug says “Wishing for the weekend” on it, and the handle is full of lamp-shaped glitter.

Jasmine Mug

If you’re the queen of naps in your house, you might totally relate to this Sleeping Beauty mug. The front features Sleeping Beauty’s tiara on it.

Sleeping Beauty Mug

And the back says “going back to bed after this…” in pink lettering.

Sleeping Beauty Mug

This mug also features glitter in the handle, this time shaped like a tiara.


Finally, You can remind everyone that YOU are the queen of your castle, with this Castle Mug. The front features a Castle on it…

Castle Mug

…while the back does in fact note that you “run this castle.” In the handle, there is some castle-shaped glitter.

Castle Mug

Each of these mugs are priced at $14.99.

Pair them with your Princess ears, and a new glittery MagicBand, and you’re sure to sparkle and shine! We’ll keep an eye out for more fun Disney merchandise and let you know what we see.

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2 Replies to “PHOTOS: Drink Like ROYALTY With New Disney Princess Mugs!”

  1. The other post about “the 4 best things we saw today” said that these were “glass and glitter” but this post says they’re made of plastic. I would love one if they are actual glass but definitely not if it’s cheap plastic.