New “Reuse a MagicBand” Option Available to Disney World Guests

New for 2021, Disney World has suspended sending resort guests complimentary MagicBands ahead of their vacation. Now, guests must purchase a new MagicBand at a discounted rate, or they may reuse an old MagicBand from a previous trip.


One month after this new system launched, Disney is making it easier for guests to confirm which MagicBand option they would prefer.

Annual Passholders and Disney Resort Guests can now manually select the option to purchase a new MagicBand or reuse one they already own.

Guests can now manually opt in to reuse an old MagicBand

When preparing for your upcoming visit, Disney now informs guests that they must confirm that they would like to reuse an old MagicBand. If they wish to do so, they need to make sure that the old MagicBand is part of their Disney profile. Guests will then click “Decline Pre-Arrival Offer” if they have an old MagicBand and do not wish to purchase a new one. Or, they can click on “Browse New MagicBands” if they wish to purchase one ahead of their trip!

MagicBand details

Remember that if a guest does not wish to use a MagicBand, they can also request a Key to the World card that will be issued to them when they check in at their resort.

Click here to check out some new MagicBand designs!

Have you visited Disney World since they did away with complimentary MagicBands? Which option did you choose for your vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Replies to “New “Reuse a MagicBand” Option Available to Disney World Guests”

  1. How long are Mahic Bands good good? They batteries must wear out. Is there a way of checking old bands before a holiday?

  2. We are reusing old magic bands. We had no idea you could do so. Assumed after a year or two they wouldn’t work due to weakened/dead batteries. All of these changes during the pandemic have had one silver lining. We had never done clean up on our My Disney Experience site. What we found were each of us had several magic bands and key to the world cards active. And our family and friends list included many people who had vacationed with us in the past and were on our list because they stayed or dined with us. All of them still had active wrist bands or cards. Look what you can do when a pandemic strikes. The next time we clean up will probably be in 100 years!

  3. I did not get another band this trip because I didn’t want to pay extra for another one. We have one of each solid color band for each of us since we have gone to Disney many times so we can pick a color to match our outfit each day.

  4. I only keep 3 MB’s active. These are ones I bought, that I like to use. So, we never got the free one given to each person in our party. We “Reuse”.