The Most Interesting Places You Can Stay at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a magical place with Resorts that are themed after just about everything.

Giant Play-Doh, anyone?

With so many themed Resorts there is a style for everybody. But not all themes and rooms are created equal. In fact, some of your Resort accommodation options at Walt Disney World are downright wild! 

Here are some of the most interesting places you can stay at Walt Disney World.

Polynesian Village Resort Bungalows

Polynesian Village Resort is cloaked in tiki and 50’s era Polynesian goodness. From the statue of the Polynesian demigod Maui in the lobby to the splendid Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto tiki bar, the theming is everywhere. It even carries over into one of the most unique rooms on Disney World property: the Bungalows.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Lobby

The Bungalows are private rooms that are built over Seven Seas Lagoon. To get to them you walk down a dock from the Polynesian Resort. The Bungalows are two bedroom, over the water suites that have a full kitchen, a porch, and a private plunge pool.

Plunge Pool

The bedrooms have one king bed, one queen bed, one queen sized pull out sofa, and two pull down single beds. The Bungalows sleep up to eight and run about $2,645 a night.


From the Bungalows you can see Magic Kingdom. Imagine every night being able to sit on your porch overlooking the water and watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks in the distance and the Electrical Water Pageant on Seven Seas Lagoon. Yeah, location is key here!

The Electrical Water Pageant glides past the Bora Bora Bungalows at the Polynesian Resort [David Roark/Walt Disney World]
When you think about Disney World’s reputation as a family-friendly place packed with rides and shows, the idea that you can stay in a tropical paradise over the water is pretty unexpected!

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Copper Creek Cabins at Wilderness Lodge Resort

If you prefer a rustic woodsy vacation to the tropical beachy feel of the Polynesian but still want something special, The Cabins at the Wilderness Lodge are perfect for you. The Wilderness Lodge is themed after Pacific Northwest lodges near National Parks. The Copper Creek Cabins are upscale log cabins nestled in a pine and cypress forest.

Copper Creek Cabins

The Cabins give you the feel of camping in a secluded wood, but with a short commute, you can be walking right down the middle of Main Street, USA, in Magic Kingdom. To give the feeling of returning to your personal cabin, you can pre-order a pantry full of groceries for when you arrive. And if you have a family dog that likes to go on vacation with you, the Cabins are pet friendly accommodations.

Copper Creek Room

The Cabins are two bedroom waterfront cabins that have a full kitchen with an island and a private porch with a hot tub. The bedrooms have one king bed, one queen bed, one single pull down bed, and one twin sleeper chair and sleep up to eight. You can rent one of the cabins for $2,098 a night.


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Saratoga Springs Treehouse Villa

Saratoga Springs is one of the Disney World Resorts that is often forgotten about, but it has one type of room that you can’t find elsewhere. Saratoga Springs is modeled after the late 1800’s Saratoga area of New York.

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs has rooms that are perched up in the air called Treehouse Villas. The Treehouses have a view of the woodland area and make you feel like you are up in the treetops. Each Villa sleeps up to nine in two queen beds, one bunk bed, one twin sleeper chair, and one queen sleeper sofa. The Villas have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen.

Treehouse Villas

For $925 a night you can sleep up in the trees. Just imagine sitting out on your porch and looking at the surrounding woodland as you drink your morning coffee. And just a few short minutes after that you can be riding the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom.

Art of Animation Rooms

The Disney theming in the Disney World Resorts may be subtle, but at others like Art of Animation it is all about the Disney characters. There area few different Disney animated movies represented at the Resort, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars. You will feel immersed in the films as you walk by life-sized statues of the characters.

Cars Section at Art of Animation

All of the rooms have impeccable theming. From artwork on the walls and floors to shaped mirrors and colorful shower curtains, every room is covered in nods to the films and their popular characters. These rooms may just be family suites and not bungalows over water or treehouses in the sky, but if you are a diehard Disney animation fan, these are the perfect rooms for you.

Finding Nemo Family Suite Living Room

Each of the Family Suites sleep up to six, and The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms sleep up to four. The Family Suites one queen bed, one double table pull down bed, and one double sleeper sofa. The Family Suites are available at $413 a night, and the Standard Room is $188 a night.

Exterior Theming

Cinderella Castle Suite

There is one room in Disney World that is so incredibly exclusive and special, almost no one will actually stay there: the suite in Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. This is one suite that cannot be booked. The only way to stay atop Cinderella Castle is either to be invited by Disney or to win a giveaway. There are rumors that people have offered up to $40,000 a night to stay there and been turned down by Disney. Yup, it’s that exclusive.


When the Castle was originally designed, the Suite was meant as an apartment for Walt Disney and his family. This would be similar to Walt’s apartment in Disneyland that is above the Fire Station on Main Street. After Walt Disney died, the area was used by telephone operators until the Castle went through a refurbishment.

Castle Suite Tub with Custom Mosaics

Tours have been offered in the past for the ultra-exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite. The Suite has all the royal touches, including large comfortable beds, marble, a fireplace, stained glass windows with Cinderella characters, and mosaics in the bathroom.

Castle Suite Bathroom

What of these crazy rooms in Disney World would you want to stay in? Let us know in the comments.

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6 Replies to “The Most Interesting Places You Can Stay at Walt Disney World”

  1. For me, I would love for my famiy to stay in the Cinderella’s Castle Suite or in a cabin at Wilderness Lodge. And we would STAY there for the day/night we paid for and soak up the atmosphere. Something to dream of if I strike oil in the backyard…

  2. The week of Thanksgiving 2012, my son, his three children, and I stayed in a Treehouse Villa at Saratoga Springs. My younger son and his family were at BLT.
    On Wednesday, my older son went off-property to the local Target and picked up a freshly prepared heat-and-eat Thanksgiving dinner for eight.It included lots of turkey and family-size sides of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and many other traditional sides.Of course pumpkin pie was included.
    Thursday morning, my sons and their families met at rope drop at one of the parks while I stayed at the treehouse and warmed up the feast.
    They were back in time for a late lunch. The weather was perfect, so we ate on the deck in the treetops. Occasionally, a boat with other guests would float by. They would wave and shout “Happy Thanksgiving.”
    That’s one of my favorite memories of WDW.

    1. That sounds truly magical! No matter how much we save we could never afford to pay that much per night. I glad you were able to! It’s great to have memories like that.

  3. I really want to stay in the Polynesian Bungalows and the WL Cabins, but we have not been able to justify the cost for three of us. Maybe some day.

  4. Thanks for publishing the prices! That’s the fascinating part to me: that people pay thousands of dollars per night to sleep. All rooms looks the same behind closed eyelids!