Disney’s Hollywood Studios Reveals New Sign, Paint Job on Park Icon

Changes remain underway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, were just last week, AllEars park reporters noted the absence of a sign on a Disney’s Hollywood Studios icon: the arch that leads to Animation Courtyard.

Concept Art of Hollywood Studios New Logo in the Park ©Disney

But rather than the controversial new logo (seen above) that Disney released on May 1 which many fans (and foes) thought looked a little rough around the edges, the new arch sign features simpler styling. There are no characters in sight in the streamlined logo.

Hollywood Studios New Sign

If other colors on the arch seem different to you, that’s because they are somewhat. Gone is much of the orange tone that previously dominated this park feature. Instead we find an off-white background and a dense, dark teal accent.

Updated Hollywood Studios Arch Sign

This new design brings some freshness to the aging icon, and we’re loving the sleek, shiny signage. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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7 Replies to “Disney’s Hollywood Studios Reveals New Sign, Paint Job on Park Icon”

  1. I think a clean and classic look is better than the proposed graphic that was just a little too much. Yes…having Mickey as part of the design would be nice, but adding Toy Story and Star Wars made it look like those were the only three things to find at Studios.

    More important question for me is will Launch Bay be staying??? Do they need what is pretty much another Star Wars store with a whole land at the end of the park. Seem like a waste of space to me.

  2. No Mickey? Boooooo! How edgy and sophisticated is Disney World getting? Don’t forget that this whole thing was “started by a mouse.” Speaking Of Hollywood Studios, any word on the opening of Rise of the Resistance? Is December fifth still the opening day? By sheer coincidence I will be at WDW that week. Wonder if there will be any early peeks?

    1. Judy, Opening day for Rise of the Resistance is December 5 in Walt Disney World. We have not seen or heard any news on previews. If we hear anything we will be sure to share!

    1. The clapperbpard might give people the wrong impression. That the place still has some form of working movie studio.