Cinderella Castle Moat Refilled; Magic Kingdom Ducks Rejoice (We Assume)


It’s the moment Cinderella Castle fans have been waiting for: the moat around the Magic Kingdom icon is finally back to its watery roots!

Cinderella Moat Refilled!

We noticed the refilled moat on a recent trip to the Kingdom, and while it appears landscaping work may still be in progress, we (and the Magic Kingdom ducks, we presume) are thrilled to have the water back! Cue the endless stream of Castle reflection pics NOW!

Cinderella Moat Refilled!

Okay, perhaps reflections weren’t in the cards during our visit, but we know we’ll catch one soon. In the meantime, peep the small plantings on the left side (below) and the still-in-progress space around them. We’re confident this space will be fully restored to its former glory soon.

Cinderella Moat Refilled!

In the meantime, hurray for the restoration of the moat!

Have you been anxiously awaiting the return of the moat? Let us know what you think of this nearly completed project in the comments below! 

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