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15 Replies to “Kids Splash Area at Grand Floridian – Construction”

  1. I’m staying there in October. I haven’t been there for a few years. What’s the building behind the water play area that’s being built? Seems to me, that would be more of a distraction that the kiddie water area.

  2. Linda- I wouldn’t worry too much, unless your daughter had her heart set on getting married at the Grand Floridian pools, and not the Wedding Chapel, which is clear across the property, if I recall correctly.

  3. We always stay at the Grand Floridian. This will be a great addition. As for those who don’t think Alice is the Grand’s theme, just take a closer look at the wall paper and fabrics throughout the hotel.

  4. Alice has been the Grand’s mascot, for many years. Her special books, costumes, tea sets, etc. are always available. Her picture is part of the beautiful marble lobby floor. Her portrait appears in many of the guest rooms, on the walls, and in the linens. We love her!

    You really won’t notice this play area, when it is completed. It is located to the side of the main building, as if you were walking to the old tennis courts. They have selected a wonderful location.

    As a “Mom” that often stays at the Grand, I’m thrilled for the additional “child friendly” play area. It looks quite charming!

  5. To Liz: Other than a character tea, I don’t know how else Alice in Wonderland has ever been a “theme” at the Floridian. Have I missed something?

    As for the character experience, it does not involve architecture or permanent decor, so when it is over it does not distract from the overall design of the Floridian, which I fear this water feature will. (I am reminded of the Swan and Dolphin hotels, which, while pleasant in themselves, should not be seen looming over the France pavilion at World Showcase, effectively neutering the Eiffel Tower.)

    ALLEARS: Alice in Wonderland Characters appear at the character meal at 1900 Park Faire.

  6. @Sharon, no that is the Beach Pool bar immediately behind the kids play area. Behind that is the DVC building under construction.

  7. To Robert: Alice in Wonderland has been a theme at the GF for ages. So, this isn’t really out of place here.

    To Sharon: That is not the wedding pavilion. The wedding pavilion is a beautiful white building in the same style as the one shown here. That looks like a maintenance building.

  8. How disappointing. Apparently theming and appropriateness are being thrown out the window to capitalize on a currently popular film. What does “Alice in Wonderland” have to do with a turn of the century Florida seaside resort? And it appears to be in a very conspicuous area. Genereally I approve of “plussing,” but this time I have to disagree.

  9. Great pictures! So many construction projects going on at Disney World… I can hardly wait until my next visit in November to see them.