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There have been quite a few questions about the Wave phone, like this from Melissa:

Tell us some more about the Wave Phones, are they meant to leave the room and be carried around the ship? How many per stateroom are there?

We’re sailing in March with a family of 4 and were planning on bringing walkie-talkies for each of us. Does this effectively replace that need?

So I thought I would try to answer some of those by telling you what I know about them. For one thing, they have been in use aboard the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder since December.


1. There are two phones per stateroom. You may rent additional phones but there is a per-day fee for them. They are rechargeable, and plug into a unit on the desk for recharging. You may charge one phone at a time. An instruction manual is included with the phones.


2. The Wave phones replace the pagers that parents with children in Youth Activities were previously issued. Now parents should carry a Wave phone with them instead, in case they need to be contacted.

3. The phones work aboard ship and on Castaway Cay.

4. If the phones are lost, damaged, or not returned to the stateroom there is a $250 charge per phone that will be charged to the stateroom account. Bear that in mind when deciding who to entrust with one.

5. You may dial Wave phone to Wave phone, Wave phone to stateroom phone, or any shipboard phone to Wave phone. Each Wave phone has a unique number.

6. The Wave phones can send and receive both voice messages and text messages.

7. The Wave phone has calculator, calendar, and stopwatch features. You may also set one-time or recurrent alarms.


8. You may customize contact lists, caller filtering, audio and display settings, key shortcuts, etc.

9. There are both speakerphone and “mute” modes.

10. The status of the battery charge appears on the display. The battery symbol flashes and a tone sounds when it is almost completely discharged.

Deb Koma’s comments on using the Wave phones:

1. I thought they were fairly easy to use. I could figure out the basics even without reading the instructions.

2. The ring was low, but I didn’t check to see if you could make it louder. It also vibrated, which is what usually got my attention.

3. I liked that you could not only leave messages, but also send text messages.

4. I made and received calls both within the ship and to and from Castaway Cay, and they seemed to work well.

Deb Wills said that she didn’t find them very intuitive, and thought they were a little bit confusing – but also admits she never read the instructions. 🙂

Hope that helps answer some of your questions – if you have used them and have any additional information or opinions on them please let us know!

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Laura Gilbreath is a native of San Diego, CA. She has been making the trek up Interstate 5 to Disneyland since she was a small child and terrified of talking tikis and hitchhiking ghosts. She and her husband Lee enjoy trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as sailings on the Disney Cruise Line.

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4 Replies to “Disney Dream – The Wave Phones”

  1. We just got back from the Dream and the wristband for kids is your standard run of the mill wristband used just about anywhere and they do attach a waterproof transmitter to it. My 5 year old was pulling at it as soon as they put it on him but he never was able to remove it until they cut it off the night before we disembarked. As far as the wave phone goes it worked out really well. It was great to have the phone to phone communication and my teen got her texting fix to boot.

  2. Are the first two wave phones free of charge?

    Laura replies: Yes, the two phones that are in your stateroom may be used free of charge for the duration of the cruise, but if they are lost or damaged, there will be a fee charged to your stateroom.

  3. Have they changed the wrist bands for the kids as well or are they still the plastic bands?

    Laura replies: Mike, you’ve stumped us! None of us have traveled with kids on the Dream. Readers, how about the rest of you – can any of you answer Mike’s question?

  4. Did the wave phones have a clip on the back for attaching??

    Or could you give the dimensions of the phone?? I could see if any of my cell phone carriers could hold it instead. I don’t like to carry my purse or bag around the ship, but neither do I want to have to carry the phone around. I would prefer to be able to attach it to my lanyard or a pocket.

    Thanks for the information. I was intrigued with the idea.

    Laura replies: The Wave phones do not have clips on the back. We don’t have exact dimensions, but DebK tells me: “it’s a little longer and a little narrower than my iPhone. Fits in either a pocket or a small bag — would fit in a fanny pack easily.”