Disney Dream Entertainment Overview

While on the Disney Dream Christening Cruise, I spoke with David Duffy, Creative Director for Entertainment and Port Adventures Disney Cruise Line.

David shared an overview of what Entertainment is in store for guests on the Disney Dream.

David Duffy

The Walt Disney Theatre has been greatly enhanced from the Magic and Wonder ships and now seats 1,340 guests and includes a balcony.

Walt Disney Theatre

The basic show line up on the 3-night cruise will be Villains Tonight, Golden Mickeys and Disney’s Believe.

The biggest news is the new centerpiece show created just for the Disney Dream, Disney’s Believe! This heartfelt story includes an “enchanting score and lavish production”. You’ll find some original characters and songs along with some favorites.

Golden Mickey’s has also been updated and enhanced to include new characters and songs.


On the 4 and 5 night Disney Cream cruises —If there is a current first run movie – it may be featured in the Walt Disney Theatre. If a movie is not current, look for a variety of specialty act. Plans are still underway for the night time entertainment on the Dream 5 night cruises.

Adult Enrichment programs will be much different then those currently on the Wonder and Magic. There will be an enhanced adult enrichment series and also a family enrichment program. A new cooking series called “Anyone Can Cook” will adult only and family cooking sessions. These are fashioned after Walt Disney Pictures Ratatouille!

Jeff Kurti has written a new book entitled “Welcome Aboard, The Creation of the Disney Dream”. Jeff has created a multimedia presentation called the Making of the Disney Dream which will be another program offering.


A new Animation Program is being developed. The Disney Cruise line obtained the rights to theme the program based on the “The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation” By Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas.


David also noted that Pin Trading will continue on the Disney Dream!

There is much more to share about the entertainment on the Disney Dream – as we learn more and experience some of the programs, we will share that information with you.

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6 Replies to “Disney Dream Entertainment Overview”

  1. Trying to find the song after the show Believe on the Disney Dream. It’s an upbeat version of higitus figitus?

  2. We are going on the Disney Dream in May 2011. Is it true that there is an eating and beverage area in the teens area? If so, is this complementary and if it isn’t how are the prices. Also I noticed that you could by credits for pictures ahead of time, do you know if this is a savings if you went that way?

  3. Thank you for the report. Wow, 1340 guests and includes a balcony, too. I can’t wait to see the photos. And I thought the Wonder was huge.

  4. As far as the Adult Enrichment programs, is there an additional charge for these? The cooking program inspired by Ratatouille is particularly interesting.

    And is the Jeff Kurti book available onboard? And would this offering be part of a walking tour of the ship or done thru multi-media?

    Deb, I am noticing a heavy Pixar theming in not only the counter services, fine dining (Remy’s), but also with the course mentioned above. I am sure the night time shows will have Pixar well represented as well. I like it.

    AllEars: We’ll have more information on the programs once we set sail on the Maiden Voyage. The Kurtti presentation is multi-media.