10 Must-Have Souvenirs From Frontierland in Magic Kingdom

Sometimes in Disney World, you just gotta grab those must-have souvenirs right when you find them or they’re gone!

Frontier Trading Post

Oftentimes, we’re kicking ourselves for not snagging that perfect souvenir from our trip when we first spotted it. Then we’re super disappointed when we can’t find it online. We’re here to tell you about all the must-have souvenirs you can get in Frontierland that you’ll want to grab the moment you spot them!

As you’re making your way around Magic Kingdom chances are you’ll find yourself moseying on through Frontierland.

Welcome to Frontierland

This rootin’ tootin’ town is great for some lively hoedowns, and friendly faces, and is the start of the parades and cavalcades. But, what most people don’t realize is it has its own unique set of must-have souvenirs. Let’s take a look at what you’ll want to pick up here.

Cowboy Hat

Alright, it is Frontierland after all. If you plan to fit in with the locals around these parts you gotta dress the part, too!

Cowboy hat

Picking up a cowboy or cowgirl hat here makes for a unique type of souvenir and definitely tops our list!

Raccoon Cap

Right next to it, has got to be the raccoon caps! They even have a tail!

Raccoon cap

These little things could also be found on some of the resident animatronics in the former version of the Country Bear Jamboree and make for a pretty cool tale to tell when you get back home from your Disney World trip.

Bubble Wand

Yes, there’s no shortage of bubble wands in Frontierland.

Bubble wands

This land really is a one-stop-shop of all the great souvenirs so you won’t have to look far to find something for everyone here.

Portable Fan

If you’re not already hot and muggy from the Florida heat you could be real soon if you don’t have a fan.

Mickey fans

If you didn’t pack one (or don’t have one on you already) it’s probably a good idea to grab one while you’re around these parts.

Pin Trading Starter Set

Ah, yes… a staple in the Frontierland souvenirs. You’ll want to pick up a Disney pin trading starter set.

2024 Pin Trading Starter Kit

These convenient kits come fitted with a few starter pins to get you trading and a matching lanyard. This way, when you pass up a pin you really like you can start trading with other visitors and Cast Members right away!

Display Case

However, if a lanyard isn’t really your style, there’s always a pin case you can grab!

Pin case

These convenient pouches are a fun way to display your pins as you walk around the park and show off your collection.


Maybe neither of those previous options were just right for your pins — try a backpack!

Pin backpack

Disney now has backpacks that are ideal for showing off your pins while you travel around the park and it doesn’t hurt that their designs are adorable, too!


Scanning into the parks, redeeming your Genie+ selections, and adding on those photo pass photos just got easier because you decided to stop in for a Magicband+!


The Cast Members here in Frontierland will not only help you complete your purchase but will walk you through how to link, update, and charge your Magicband+ while on vacation so you can use it to its full potential right away.


You’ll want somewhere to display your pins once you’re home and what better way to do that than on a pinboard of your very own!


You can also pick up one of these fun Mickey head designs that will add a subtle touch of Disney to your home decor and can become a great conversational piece when you have friends and family over after your trip.

Blind Bag & Mystery Pin Sets

While you’re picking out pins and lanyards why not take a chance on a blind bag or a mystery pin.

Blind bags and mystery pin sets

You can choose from literally dozens of pins that will give you a thrill to pick out and uncover while of the set you’ve picked out next to add to your personal collection.

We’re always looking for the best Disney souvenirs in the parks so be sure to check back in with us soon to see what we find next!

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Do you pick up any of these souvenirs when you’re visiting Disney World? Tell us what you grab first in the expositions below!

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