The NEW Disney Collection EVERYONE Will Be Wearing Is Online NOW!

If you love Disney food, we’re sure you’ve been keeping up with the Disney Eats and Stitch Snack Attacks merchandise collections.

Stitch Attacks Snacks pretzel collection

After all, Disney food is iconic. From popcorn to Mickey bars, everyone loves that special Disney food. Well, a NEW food collection has dropped online at the Disney Store, and this one is all about PIZZA.

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If you’ve ever wanted a Loungefly devoted to pizza, here’s your chance: the Mickey Mouse Pizza Loungefly is now available. It’s got one big slice of pizza with a Mickey-shaped pepperoni on it (wait, we need that to be a real thing on Disney pizza).


The rest of the bag is covered in pizza slices.

View on the Disney Store

Share your love of pizza with the world with the Disney World Mickey Mouse Pizza Spirit Jersey. This yellow spirit jersey looks like gigantic slice of pizza with its pepperoni and melted cheese.


The Disney World logo is on the front chest, while Walt Disney World is on the back of the spirit jersey.

View on the Disney Store

Don’t worry — there’s a Disneyland Pizza Spirit Jersey, too. This one has the same design as the Disney World spirit jersey, but it says Disneyland on the back.


You’ll find the “D” logo on the front chest with this spirit jersey.

View on the Disney Store

Okay, well, you know you need the matching Pizza Minnie Ears, right? These ears have a sparkly look with pepperoni, including Mickey-shaped pepperoni. The bow is dripping with “cheese” and “sauce.”

Pizza Ears!

These ears look good enough to eat.

View on the Disney Store

You’ll want to grab this collection quickly as we have a feeling it might be super popular!

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