Flying to and from Orlando Airport Is About To Get EASIER — Here’s Why

Flying can be a pain, but if you’re flying to and from Orlando, there’s now one less thing you have to worry about!

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Orlando International Airport is notorious for its flight delays and cancellations but, as it turns out, there’s one thing passengers flying in and out of Orlando no longer have to worry about — rocket launches!

Per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sanctioned rocket launches have slowed down commercial air travel, but recent changes have been made in Central Florida to ease air traffic and mitigate flight delays.

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The FAA manages commercial aviation and its relationship with spaceflight, meaning it must be involved in every single rocket launch. The FAA is responsible for rerouting airplanes to ensure safety during these launches (causing delays) and would often “close the airspace around the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station for every launch,” according to WKMG-TV.

However, per WKMG-TV, the FAA has recently shrunk the cone of closed airspace to “the East and South of the launchpads since that’s the typical rocket flight path.”

The previous cone of airspace vs. the change that was made last year to reflect the typical rocket flight path. (Federal Aviation Administration)

The FAA made the change after doing risk analyses and coming to the conclusion that the previous closed airspace cone in Florida was too large and unnecessary.

The change now completely erases the possibility of delays due to rocket launches. Previous launches led to delays of more than 300 minutes and 1,500 extra miles flown, according to the FAA.

Looking Out the Window — No Rockets in Sight!

There it is — one less thing to worry about when flying to Orlando! We’ll continue to fill you in on anything and everything Orlando-travel related, so keep it posted right here at AllEars for all the latest travel updates and tips!

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