How You Can Meet More Disney World Characters in 90 Minutes Than Most People Do in a Day

Meeting characters is one of our favorite activities in Disney World.

Donald meeting guests

We keep a running list for you of all the different meet-and-greets happening all over the parks. But did you know we were able to meet 7 characters in just and hour and a half? Here’s how we did it, and our tips so you can do the same!

First off, Fry Bucket was able to meet 27 characters in one day, and you can watch her video right here!

Now back to the recent day when we met 7 characters in just an hour and a half! The key piece to this puzzle is that we were in EPCOT, which has a TON of characters to see, and we feel they’re much easier to say hello to than over at Magic Kingdom.

Hey, Pluto!

Here are the characters we met, and how long it took us in line:

  • Donald (<5 minutes)
  • Daisy (<5 minutes)
  • Pluto (<5 minutes)
  • Pooh (10 minutes)
  • Mulan (15 minutes)
  • Jasmine (15-20 minutes)
  • Alice (10-15 minutes)

So now for our biggest tip: Have a PLAN! We know, it’s annoying to have to plan every aspect of your day, but if meeting characters is a big part of your day, you’ll want to get on the My Disney Experience App in the morning and see what time each character you want to meet is greeting guests. We even recommend taking screenshots so you can easily pull them up on your phone later.

Mickey and Minnie!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the International Gateway as well! There are lots of characters meeting here like Daisy, Donald, and Pluto (that’s where we met them on this day), but you also may see rarer characters like Ariel and Prince Eric!

Daisy at International Gateway

We also encourage you to take a peek to the left of Regal Eagle Smokehouse in the America Pavilion, because sometimes you’ll spot characterpaloozas with REALLY rare characters like Baloo, Smee, King Louie, Gepetto, and so many more.


We also recommend starting off your day with an early morning breakfast reservation at a character meal like Garden Grill, because you can meet tons of characters as well as get photos and signatures right there while you eat.

Farmer Mickey

Our last big tip is to get in line for a character around 10 minutes before they’re scheduled to come out because you’ll often be right near the front of the line and can greet them quickly. This is especially true for some of the princesses like Mulan and Jasmine.

Mulan in EPCOT

We’re always here to bring you all the latest Disney tips and tricks, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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