7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stay at a Disney World Hotel in 2024

Have you been working on your 2024 travel plans? Thinking of heading to Disney World?

Coronado Springs

There are a TON of great things opening in 2024 at Disney World. We have Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening. We should see more of the EPCOT construction finish, too. So if you are planning your Disney World trip for 2024, we’ve got to go over a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t stay at a Disney World Hotel. Let’s talk about it!

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to stay at a Disney World hotel, but we’re not here to talk about those right now. No, we want to share with you some of the reasons that you might want to consider some alternative accommodations for your 2024 Disney World trip.


Let’s just come right out with it — Disney World can be quite a strain on the wallet, and staying at a Disney hotel might add to the expense. These hotels come with the Disney magic and ambiance, but that often comes at a premium. If you’re looking for a more “budget-friendly” option, off-site accommodations might make your wallet a LOT happier.

Grand Floridian

Some of those savings you could put towards extra days at the parks or give you some permission to grab an extra churro while you’re at the park.

Not So Poison Apple Churro

It all boils down to what budget you set and how you want to spend your vacation dollars. There’s no denying that Disney hotels provide an immersive experience, but does that outweigh the off-site options that can often be more budget-friendly? We’ll let you decide.

Alternative Accommodations

In case you didn’t know, the Orlando area surrounding Disney World isn’t short on options for places to stay. You’ve got vacation rentals, Airbnb, and off-site hotels galore! Not only can these alternatives be more budget-friendly, but they can also offer you a lot more bang for your buck.


Think about it — vacation rentals and Airbnb’s frequently come with living areas, multiple bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchens. This can be GAME-CHANGING — especially if you’re traveling with a group (this way everyone can have their own space).


And don’t sleep on those off-site hotels. They can also have competitive rates, and perks like complimentary breakfast, and shuttle services to the parks. We’re just trying to make sure you know you have options!

Smaller Rooms

Sure, Disney hotels are known for their intricate theming and decor, but there’s a trade-off. Let’s just say that sometimes, the rooms in Disney hotels can be on the snug side, especially when compared to off-site accommodations in a similar price range.


This becomes more noticeable when you’re traveling with family or friends. Off-site vacation rentals and Airbnb’s can come to the rescue with spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, and additional amenities, like private pools or hot tubs.


All that means you’ll feel less crowded and more relaxed during your downtime. After all, who wants to feel like they’re on top of each other on vacation? When choosing your lodging, especially for larger groups, sizing up the room might be the smart move.

Limited Availability

Disney World hotels are incredibly popular, ESPECIALLY during peak seasons. That means if you’re hoping for a last-minute vacation or have flexible travel dates, booking a room might be a bit like trying to find a hidden Mickey.


To lock in a room at a Disney hotel, you often need to plan way ahead and book reservations months in advance. Off-site accommodations tend to have more flexibility when it comes to booking.

Residence Inn

Even if you’re not quite sure when you want to go or change your plans last minute, chances are that you’re more likely to find a suitable spot. Plus, the variety of rooms and amenities to choose from can be more extensive, giving you more bang for your buck.


Disney World is a “magical” place, but it’s also a MAGNET for people from all corners of the world. And where do they stay? You guessed it! In Disney hotels. This can sometimes lead to crowded common areas, from the pools to the dining areas, and even transportation options.

It gets crowded!

If you’re seeking a more laid-back vacation experience, off-site accommodations tend to provide a quieter, more tranquil environment. That might be because they’re not as directly tied to the hustle and bustle of the parks, and that means you can escape the crowds after a day of Disney adventures.


If you value a bit of peace and quiet, those off-site options may just offer the escape you’re looking for.

Non-Disney Experiences

While Disney World is the ultimate place to be for Disney lovers, don’t forget that Orlando has so much more than just Disney World.

Universal Studios Orlando Diagon Alley Weasleys Wizzard Wheezes

Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and a whole host of other attractions await you and if you only stay at a Disney hotel, you might out on some fantastic experiences.


If you opt for off-site accommodations, you can get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy Disney World and explore all that Orlando has to offer.

Closures in 2024

Pool Closures

In early 2024, some Disney resort pools will be closed. From January 2024 through April 2024, the Fuentes del Morro pool at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will be closed. This pool has a pirate theme complete with slides and a water play area. During the closure, guests will be able to swim in one of five other leisure pools at the hotel. Leisure pools usually don’t have slides and are lighter on theming than the feature pool.

Fuentes del Morro Pool

Also, the Doubloon Lagoon pool at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter will be closed. This pool is themed to look like Mardi Gras and even has a giant serpent slide along with a band comprised of alligators. During the pool’s closure, guests can use the pool at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside, which is right next door. The closure is set for January 2024 through April 2024.

Port Orleans French Quarter

If you were counting on using either of those pools, you might want to reconsider your hotel stay at these resorts.

Skyliner Closure

We all love the Skyliner, right?! It’s a great way to get to and from EPCOT…

The Sklyiner

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Riviera Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, and Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Disney Skyliner at EPCOT

The My Disney Experience app now shows that the annual Skyliner maintenance will happen from January 16th through 21st, 2024. That means the Skyliner will be closed during that time. Disney Skyliner service from Riviera to EPCOT will remain down until January 27th.


Alternative transportation will be provided in the form of Disney buses, but if you were counting on using the Skyliner to quickly get around Disney World, you might want to reconsider your hotel stay.

Skyliner Closed sign at Hollywood Studios

Note that the Skyliner also will close in the event of bad weather, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on the Orlando weather forecast before your trip, too, so you can be prepared for using alternate transportation options in Disney World.

We’ll keep you updated on ALL Disney news, so check back with AllEars again soon.

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Will you be staying at a Disney World hotel in 2024? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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