6 Disney World Hotel Secrets a Former Cast Member Wants You To Know

Many people choose to stay at Disney World Resort hotels.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The hotels at Disney World are another way to immerse yourself in the magic regardless of which one you choose. One of our editors here at All Ears was a previous Cast Member and she has some secrets she wants to share with you about staying at Disney World hotels.

A lot of times, people might think that a hotel is just a place to sleep while the parks are where all the excitement is. But that’s not always the case. Here are four fun things you can do at the hotel and two general tips we think are important for you to know!

You Never Know When You Might Run Into Characters!

Character Caravans used to be scheduled events at Disney hotels. While they are no longer scheduled, they can still happen randomly, and you never know which characters you’ll see.

Caravanning ‘Round the World

A group of characters could randomly pop by your hotel for a little while, meeting guests right where they are staying! So you don’t always have to be in a park to see the characters.

Look Out for Pin Trading Boards!

If you enjoy collecting and trading pins, then you should know that you can partake in the fun activity right at your Disney hotel!

Pin trading board!

You can ask the front desk, gift shops, and even bell services if they have pin trading boards! You never know where you might see one of these set up for pin traders to explore the collections.

Even if The Pool is Closed, You Can Still Have Fun With the Lifeguards!

Sometimes the hotel pools will have to close for various reasons, like bad weather. That can be a bummer for sure if you’re ready to dip your feet in some refreshing water. But the lifeguards still know how to make these unfortunate times fun!

Pop Century pool

Sometimes, during temporary closures, the lifeguards will head to the lobby area to set up some fun activities while you wait out whatever is causing the pool closure. We’ve seen them playing all kinds of fun games and activities in various locations near the pools and lobbies to keep you entertained!

There Are a TON of Activities Around the Hotels

When we say you could spend an entire afternoon or evening at your hotel and still have fun, we mean it. The Disney hotels offer fun activities regardless of which one you’re staying at.

Volleyball nets at Caribbean Beach Resort

At the Grand Floridian Resort, you can make DIY Minnie ears, at the Caribbean Beach Resort you can play sand volleyball, and at the Contemporary Resort, you can go parasailing. At several of the hotels, you can make s’mores and hang out by a campfire, watch movies under the stars, or do some tie-dying. There are so many activities without even having to go into the parks, and many are free or at little cost.

Disney Vacation Planner

Okay, now for a couple of general hotel tips.

You Probably Shouldn’t Walk Through the Hotel in Bare Feet

We know that if you’re going to the pool the last thing you might think about is putting on shoes to get there, but we ask that you do. You never know what someone might have dropped or spilled on the floor anywhere in the hotel (but especially near the lobby and dining locations).

Polynesian Lobby

Not only are the floors potentially sticky and dirty, but also many of the resorts are very nice, it’s a common courtesy to wear shoes through the shared spaces. So please, for your safety and the consideration of others, wear your shoes around the hotels.

Don’t Trust the Posted Bus Wait Times

Unfortunately, we have to say this, but the posted bus wait times at the hotels are not always accurate. The hotel staff don’t always keep them updated and it can be too unpredictable to be accurate.

French Quarter Bus Stop

Sometimes traffic just does its own thing or the bus gets stopped at a park longer than expected. So please be patient while waiting for the buses. The drivers are Cast Members just trying to do their best to get you where you need to go!

Wilderness Lodge

Staying at a Disney World hotel can be one of the most memorable parts of your trip, so we really hope you enjoy these additional things to do during your stay. And remember to have fun!

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  1. The activities are great! Last night for Halloween, the Wilderness Lodge had a Halloween trail. There were several trick or treat stops along the trail where you could play carnival-type games of skill and, of course, gather treats in the Halloween treat bag they gave you.