Disney Reveals NEW Details About the Jungle Cruise Lounge Coming to the Treasure Cruise Ship

Have you ever eaten at Skipper Canteen?

Skipper Canteen

It’s the Jungle Cruise-themed restaurant in Magic Kingdom where you can meet skippers who think they’re punny. We also have learned that there will be a Jungle Cruise-themed lounge on the new cruise ship in Disney’s fleet, the Treasure. Now, we’ve gotten even more information on the details of this lounge!

The Disney Treasure is the newest cruise ship that will set sail in December 2024. In recent announcements, we’ve learned the ship will have a Jungle Cruise-themed lounge, a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea pub, and an EPCOT-themed suite.


New hidden details about the Jungle Cruise-themed lounge, Skipper Society have been released and they will figuratively transport you back to the parks! If you like finding hidden details that Disney puts into all its attractions, you’ll enjoy these!

The Skipper Society will incorporate little details of the Jungle Cruise ride including its foliage! They are going to take the flora and fauna found in the ride in Disneyland and add it around the lounge.


We’ve also learned that, in the concept art, there is vintage luggage stacked behind the bartender. On that luggage are several travel stickers. The neat thing is that each of these travel stickers is from one of the various locations depicted in the Jungle Cruise ride. Even the backside of water has its own travel sticker!


If you remember the front of the Jungle Cruise ride is hues of green and red.

Jungle Cruise

The decor inside the new Skipper Society will reflect these colors and have the same color scheme as our beloved ride! It’ll be easy to feel like you’re being transported along the water on the Jungle Cruise. 

Jungle Cruise details

A very cool detail that will be coming to Skipper Society is the music. Did you know almost all of the Disney Resorts (including international ones) have some variation of the Jungle Cruise ride? Skipper Society will be taking music and “spiels” from each one of these and playing it in the lounge! So you’ll hear Skippers from many different languages from around the world!


Here’s another fun fact about the Jungle Cruise ride that you maybe didn’t know: Each of the boats has its own name! In Disney World there’s a boat named “Amazon Annie” and Disney has said that “Skipper Society will have a jungle boat name of its own!” The lounge boat will be named “Ems Empress” because the Disney Treasure will make its first voyage from the Ems River to the sea. There will even be a sign hanging in the lounge proudly declaring its name.


We are big fans of finding the little details Disney plants on all their new attractions. These will be fun tidbits to keep an eye out for while you’re enjoying a drink in the Skipper Society lounge!

We can’t wait for more updates on the Disney cruise line. Be sure to check back to All Ears as we learn more!

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