2 Iconic Rides Are Having a Rough Day in Disney World

We know it, you know it, all Frozen fans know it: Elsa has some seriously cool powers. See what we did there? ❄️🌨️

Hi, Elsa!

These icy powers are put on full display in Frozen Ever After, a Frozen-themed flume-style ride in EPCOT. The ride features cool graphics and projections, a small but fun drop, and you even go backward! But… what happens when Elsa’s powers work a little too well?

The Frozen ride gets frozen! Today, we noticed that this fan-favorite EPCOT attraction was CLOSED.

Frozen Ever After is down

We saw Cast Members standing outside the queue talking to guests and offering redemption for those who had purchased Lightning Lanes. The Cast Members didn’t offer insight as to why the attraction was closed…

…so we can only assume that Elsa froze it. But, it reopened shortly after!

It seems that Elsa headed into Disney’s Animal Kingdom as well, because Kilimanjaro Safaris is also closed! What do we think? Did the safari truck run out of antifreeze? Unfortunately, the Cast Members aren’t sure when this fan-favorite attraction would be up and running again, but this ride has also reopened!

Kilimanjaro Safaris is having some down time as well!

Here at AE, we post all the time about ride closures so that you’re well-prepared while in the parks and aren’t disappointed to learn that you just spent 15 minutes walking to a closed ride. (Been there way too many times.) We also post about scheduled closures, like the ones that take place for routine maintenance and upkeep to keep the parks looking shiny and new.

Click the link below to see a FULL LIST of Disney World attraction closures in 2023. Oh, and follow along, because there’s more where that came from!

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Is Frozen Ever After a must-ride or a skip for you and your crew? Let us know in the comments!

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