BIG Ticket Price Increases Have Officially Hit Disney World

Disney has been going through a lot of changes recently.

Cinderella Castle

It was recently announced that another big Disney Genie+ change is coming to both coasts, prices have increased for Disney+, and Bob Iger returning as Disney’s CEO has already changed lots of things within the company. Disney recently announced that another huge change to ticket prices was on its way, and that day is here.

Back in November, Disney announced that surge pricing was coming to one-day, one-park tickets in Disney World. Starting today, December 8th, you can only buy one-day, one-park tickets for one specific park, and you can no longer buy just one ticket that can be used at any of the theme parks.

Splash Mountain line

The price of your ticket will depend on what park you’re visiting and on what day. This means it will cost more to visit a more popular park than a less popular one.

Emporium in Magic Kingdom

This change only applies for one-day, one-park tickets, not park hoppers, or multi-day tickets. The new price ranges for tickets for each park are as follows:

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom — $109-$159 (no change from current prices)
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios — $124-$179
  • EPCOT — $114-$179
  • Magic Kingdom — $124-$189

We’ve also got a glimpse at what those starting prices look like as well. Here’s a look at the new starting price per day:


And this is what each starting price looked like before the change:


Now, when you look at the ticket pricing and availability calendar, you’ll notice it lists the starting price and a “+” indicating that the price could vary. For example, on December 8th — the date of this new change — a 1-day 1-park ticket starts at $134 and goes up based on which park you choose.

We also noticed that some of this pricing could be impacted by park availability. The only tickets available on December 28th are EPCOT which is reflected in the $164+ ticket price. However, if Animal Kingdom (which is typically priced lower than other parks) was available, the starting price for that date would most likely be lower.


After choosing a date, you’ll be then prompted to choose a park. The ticket price is listed next to the name of each park. You’ll notice that if a park has no availability for the day, it will be listed as “Unavailable.”

On December 8th, ticket prices for Animal Kingdom were listed at $134 per ticket, EPCOT was $139 per ticket, and Hollywood Studios was a whopping $149 per ticket.


Of course, these are just 1-day, 1-park regular tickets. Here’s a look at the pricing with the park hopper add-on:


If you choose a Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus ticket, you won’t be required to pay based on which park you’re visiting. Even as the new year rolls around, you can see the price increases and new park specific pricing reflected in the January 2023 calendar.


The price of Park Hopper tickets has also changed, so if you plan on visiting more than one park per day, you’ll want to read the latest news on that as well. For more big news, check out the Disney Cruise Line itineraries for 2024, which iconic piece of Disney history will be restored, and the speculations on who could replace Bob Iger as Disney CEO.

As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

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6 Replies to “BIG Ticket Price Increases Have Officially Hit Disney World”

  1. From what I can tell this will have zero impact on attendance. Nothing Disney has done has. So don’t forget to scream and yell about big oil making big profits and still raising the price of a gallon of gas. Because big Disney is making huge profits on its theme parks and no one cares about the price increases. They should change the name to Park of Dreams. Raise the prices and they will still come.

  2. Once you’ve made the decision to never go back, price increases become
    totally irrelevant. Raise them all you want! I’m never going back.
    I do feel bad for the people who have never been and are now priced
    out completely. Walt’s dream is gone…

  3. So glad we decided to go now and everything has been purchased. However it doesn’t seem that it would of affected us too much since we had multi day tickets. We are passing on Genie + too. We love Disney too but it is too bad that the vision Walt had for families to come and enjoy the day together is ruined by greed

  4. probably a good idea to remind readers
    that the walt disney company is a for profit
    it is not a non profit corporation.
    there are plenty of non-profit vacation destinations an example would be
    boy scouts of america adventure camps.

  5. So, very unfortunately, I went to buy tickets last night and the site was “under construction” and looked at the prices today…and decided that we will not, not—be taking that Disney trip anymore.
    The issue starts to become, just full-on price gouging for all things. The prices were high, but we still went in August. We dealt with the Genie situation. The ticket price hikes plus Genie plus the resort prices plus everything else just means that we should all just say no…and stop going.
    You won’t, I will. We went to Hollywood Studios and that was in no way worth the price. Really, Epcot needs to get back to what Epcot should be. ((Guardians of the Galaxy is great but belongs in Hollywood Studios)) Animal Kingdom is nice but Avatar land again, belongs in Hollywood Studios. Magic Kingdom remains the only park really worth the price. Once Splash Mountain is (probably) poorly “reimagined”, it will lack cohesion and take away from Frontierland.
    Anyway, to expect those prices, Tron should not have taken years and years to get up and running.

    1. Well what do you know Iger is following in Chapek’s footsteps so all the more reason to put Walt Disney & Roy Disney like people in man or woman it does not matter as long as they get things back the way it should be!