The SECRET Detail You’ve Probably NEVER Seen in Disney World

November 18th is an incredibly special day. Do you know why?


November 18th is Mickey Mouse’s birthday and Minnie Mouse’s birthday too! Not only does the date mark the special celebration of these beloved characters, but it also serves as an important date for those who absolutely LOVE hidden Disney World details.

You may search for Hidden Mickeys on every single one of your trips, but unless you time your vacation perfectly you may NEVER get the chance to see this hidden detail.

On November 18th each year, a hidden Mickey appears in the queue for Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid in Magic Kingdom. Yes, this hidden Mickey is so rare you can only see it ONCE every year. And not only that, you’ve got to time your visit to this queue perfectly too!

Time to Get in Line!

The hidden Mickey appears right around noon, provided it’s a sunny day and there aren’t clouds or other things obstructing this unique Mickey creation.

Last year we tried to catch this beauty but the weather simply wasn’t having it. This year, however, we got VERY lucky!

We’re Coming, Hidden Mickey!

The Hidden Mickey appears in the queue for the Little Mermaid ride. Once you get past the fully outdoor portion of the queue, you need to get underneath the rocky ceiling and search for a shape in the rocks above that looks like Mickey’s head (don’t worry, if you go on November 18th there will likely be lots of people standing around to give you a hint!).

It’s Hard to Spot

Right around noon on November 18th, the sun shines through the rocks in just the right way and creates a Mickey in the ground/wall near it. At first, the light shining through only created a soft Mickey shape.

At first, it’s sort of soft

But we were still VERY excited. And as we waited the sun started to shine brighter and fall into place better, and we got a great look at the hidden detail!


Ultimately, we got a really nice and bright view of this unique hidden Mickey.


Look how bright and clear that is!


Finding this Hidden Mickey takes a bit of planning though, so if you’ll be attempting this hunt on your next trip (in 2023), be sure to set aside the date, plan to get into the queue a bit early, and look for the crowd of people on the same hunt as you.

Those last few photos were taken at around 12:11PM. So while the hidden Mickey lasts for a bit longer than you might expect, it won’t be there forever. You truly need to time your visit down to the minute to catch this one.

Lookin’ Bright!

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