The WORST Disney World Hotels Based on Transportation

Walt Disney World transportation is a hot topic that pretty much every Disney fan has an opinion on — from the options available to the amount of time you (sometimes) have to wait for a ride.

Disney’s All Star Movies

Getting from one spot on Disney property to another can require some serious planning, but that’s why we’re here! You need to know how you’ll be getting from your Disney Resort hotel to the parks. We love being able to bring you all the information you need to know to make sure you have a great trip, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the top five WORST Disney World hotels based on transportation. 

Here are the top five WORST Disney World hotels based on transportation options!

5. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort


Fort Wilderness makes this list due to just how spread out this resort is — it has an internal bus system to take guests from one area of the resort to the other, meaning you’ll have to allow for additional time on your early morning park commute. Bus transportation is the primary mode over here, though we do love taking the boat to Magic Kingdom!

Pioneer Hall at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

4. Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Disney’s Old Key West Resort

We know, we know — these are two completely different resorts — but these DVC hotels are both large enough to also warrant internal bus systems adding multiple potential stops onto your commute. Buses are the name of the game for transportation outside each resort as well, though you can walk to Disney Springs from Saratoga, and catch a boat there from Old Key West, as well!

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

3. Disney’s All Star Movies Resort, Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, and Disney’s All Star Music Resort

We’re moving away from the land of internal bus loops (technically) to the land of shared buses with Disney’s All Star Resorts. During peak times you probably won’t have to catch a bus servicing all three resorts, but during the middle of the day (or when crowds are light), hopping on a bus at Movies just might mean you’ve got to stop at Sports and Music too.

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

While this resort normally ranks extremely high on most of our lists, it really doesn’t have the best transportation options. A bus to Animal Kingdom can be quick, but because this resort is so far away from everything else on Disney property, buses are your only other option — and they often take quite a while.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

1. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

The winner (or loser, depending on how you look at it) of the WORST Disney World hotel based on transportation is definitely Coronado Springs. You’ll only be able to leave this resort via Disney transportation on a bus. Not only is this resort huge, but it’s also another one that’s pretty far away from the rest of the action on Disney property. Plus, the size of this hotel means that you’ll have to deal with those internal stops as well.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Depending on the type of Disney vacation you have planned, even the “worst” hotel transportation option can be exactly what you need! And don’t forget to stay tuned to AllEars to get the latest Disney news.

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9 Replies to “The WORST Disney World Hotels Based on Transportation”

  1. Another issue with the buses is wheelchair access. We waited for nearly a half hour one day and when the bus arrived there was one wheelchair space and it was already taken. Luckily, the person using it was able to transfer to a regular seat and fold up his wheelchair so we could board and not have to take a chance waiting for the next bus.

  2. Don’t agree with this assessment for Coronado springs!! No issues whatsoever with traveling to and from parks. Agree with older post of requests to stay near a bus stop if you didn’t rent a vehicle. Honestly the amount of money we pay to stay at these resorts, shuttle services should be offered also for big groups

  3. We stayed at Coronado last summer. Buses were not great but not terrible either.
    With Saratoga, the trick is getting a room in the section that the bus picks up first. Once you do that, it’s not bad at all. There is a world of difference between waiting for the bus and being on the bus waiting to go to a park.

  4. We stayed at Coronado Springs in Oct 2021, we rarely had to wait more than 5 minutes for the buses. Sometimes, multiple buses for a park came before the one for our park. I found the wait was a good time to relax!!!

  5. Ok. I stayed at Coronado springs this year and besides the bus running early, we thought the transportation/bus was great. But I’ve always had a car and had to deal with parking figuring out directions. It was nice to get dropped off as close possible to entrances.

  6. I have stayed at Saratoga more than a dozen times, never had an issue. Old Key West was a disaster every time we stayed there.

    1. I have had the opposite experience. We always stay in buildings 23-27 at old key west and have never had a problem.

  7. I certainly agree when it comes to Old Key West resort! We stayed there in 2005. The DVC suite (we are not members) we stayed in was great and close to one of the pools, but we needed to take the in-resort shuttle to get up front or brave a very long walk. That could take up to 20 minutes between waiting for the shuttle and other stops before we got to the front where them park busses were. Overall we had to budget 45 minutes just to get to the parks!
    Another resort folks should know about is Port Orleans Riverside. We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter in 2014 and at least back then the theme park buses picked up at French Quarter first and then looped around Riverside where there was an additional 3-4 stops. Being first stop we always got on the buses, but the poor folks waiting at the last couple of stops at Riverside where left waiting because the buses were full.
    My advice, if you can choose PO French Quarter just for that reason alone!

  8. I completely agree with Coronado! We have waited over 2 hours before calling an uber. We love this resort but not the Disney transportation! Great List BTW!