We Didn’t Expect the Figment Popcorn Bucket Saga To Continue Like THIS

Figment has been getting a lot of attention in EPCOT over the past week!

Figment Popcorn Bucket

A brand new Figment Popcorn Bucket debuted at the Festival of the Arts and it didn’t just attract a few fans…it attracted A LOT. Since the first first day of the festival, the line for the bucket could be found wrapped all the way around the entrance to World Showcase and over near Test Track and, due to the popular demand, it eventually sold out. But, the Figment Popcorn Bucket saga isn’t done just yet… .

While Disney had been limiting purchases of the popcorn bucket since it debuted to 2 per person, it didn’t take very long for the item to pop up for resale on eBay for anywhere between $100 to upwards of $200+.

© eBay

But, there was one listing on eBay that was a bit different than the others. This one was for a “Bad Artwork Sketch of 2022 Epcot Festival of the Arts Figment Popcorn Bucket” and the draw was that 90% of the proceeds would be donated through eBay to Habitat for Humanity.

© eBay

The listing was closed within 24 hours after a $10,000 bid was put in for the drawing, however, it ended up that the bid was done by mistake. So, to make up for it the seller announced that they would be relisting 100 copies of the original sketch will be made and sold for$10 each to raise funds for José Andrés’ World Kitchen.

We can see the resemblance!  © eBay

Well, this isn’t the end of the story for the “Bad Artwork Sketch of 2022 Epcot Festival of the Arts Figment Popcorn Bucket!” Apparently, the sketch has grown in popularity so much that the artist has now opened a store selling t-shirts, magnets, stickers, and more with the drawing.

Much like the drawings on eBay, 50% of the profits from the sales in 2022 will go towards José Andrés’ World Kitchen with a guaranteed minimum of $100. And, now that the Figment Popcorn Bucket has sold out in EPCOT, this may be one of the only ways to (kind of) get your hands on one!


So, Figment has officially been made into a popcorn bucket, cake, sketch, and now a t-shirt, sticker, pin, tote, and more — what could be next? Of course, we’ll continue to keep an eye out for updates on everything related to the Figment Popcorn Bucket, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest!

Hold Up. Disney’s Viral Figment Popcorn Bucket is Now a CAKE?! Check it out here!

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