Our Readers Wish These 5 Disney World Changes Never Happened

Disney has made a LOT of changes over the last two years.

Magic Kingdom

Not every change Disney World has made has been well loved, and in fact, some of the recent changes have been widely disliked.

Check out what AllEars readers called the most “disappointing” Disney World changes


We chose a few responses from readers on our Facebook page to give you an idea of the ways Disney World has disappointed guests lately. Do you agree with this list?


Pricing and affordability is on a lot of our readers’ minds. With the loss of previously free perks and increases in prices, many people are getting priced out of a Disney World vacation. In fact, after Disney changed the Annual Pass program, non-Florida residents only have one option now, and it’s the Incredi-Pass at $1,299 per person.

Spaceship Earth

Several readers commented that Disney World is becoming unaffordable for families,” and another reader said they were “not sure we can really afford it now.” One reader said that the recent changes are “making it almost impossible for so many to afford the Disney experience.” As prices continue to rise while free perks are discontinued, are families being priced out of Disney World?

Lightning Lanes

Lightning Lanes and the discontinuation of FastPass+ was a big topic for our readers, as well as Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection (pay-per-ride). Not only does Genie+ cost $15 per day per person in Disney World, guests must also pay extra for the pay-per-ride options that include the 8 most popular, in-demand rides. A reader commented that it was disappointing “having to pay for Genie+ and pay additional for certain rides.”

Lightning Lanes are the new FastPass+ lane!

Some readers were also disappointed at how the new Genie+ system works. A few readers commented that they didn’t like that it limits guests to booking one ride at a time and only once per day, as one reader commented, “It’s not even so much that I have to pay for it as it’s that you can only book each ride once.” Others dislike the 7AM timeframe, and one reader said they were stressed out “not knowing at 7 in the morning what I am doing that day.”

Lightning Lane

Another reader expressed frustration that “all the good rides were gone before you can book a second pass, especially when the park is crowded (which would seem to be the best time to use it??). So I paid all that extra for one, maybe two good passes. But usually just one.” We’ve talked about prioritizing rides for Genie+ because it is possible that you won’t be able to book exactly what you want, but it’s a disappointing side effect of the new program for many AllEars readers.

Magical Express

Magical Express was a huge Disney perk that will be officially discontinued in January 2022. This was a free service that provided Disney World hotel guests transportation from Orlando International Airport to their hotel, and it even included transporting guests’ luggage to their rooms. This service will be replaced by paid options such as Mears Connect and The Sunshine Flyer, as well as regular options like taxi or rideshare.

Disney’s Magical Express

Magical Express was probably the most common response from our readers, with one reader commenting, “We just returned from Disney 2 weeks ago, our last trip with Magical Express. That’s a tough perk to lose.” Losing a free perk only to now be forced to plan and pay for airport transportation on top of increasing prices in Disney World, many of our readers are disappointed and frustrated.

EPCOT Future World

The transformation of EPCOT was another frequent comment from our readers. EPCOT has been undergoing some major changes over the last few years, with one notable change being the new EPCOT neighborhoods, which split Future World into World Discovery, World Celebration, and World Nature.

NEW Epcot Map ©Disney

One reader noted that “the rebranding/retheming of EPCOT and discontinuation of the name ‘Future World’ for the front half of the park absolutely breaks my heart.” EPCOT is still under quite a bit of construction, with big spaces still in progress, so we have to wait and see how this transformation will turn out!

When will construction end in EPCOT?

Extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours is another previously free perk that Disney has now replaced with Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Hours. While Extra Magic Hours allowed Disney hotel guests to visit select parks between one to two hours before opening and sometimes after closing as well, Early Theme Park Entry limits hotel guests to 30 minutes before park opening.

Early Theme Park Entry

Extended Evening Hours are now only available to guests staying in deluxe Disney World hotels, which also tend to be the most expensive. Eligible guests can visit either EPCOT or Magic Kingdom for one to two hours after closing on select evenings, but not all rides or restaurants remain open.

Rose and Crown was open throughout EPCOT’s extended evening hours.

A reader commented that Disney limiting the Extended Evening Hours to “those who can afford top tier resorts put the final nail in the coffin for staying on property for me. I don’t like having long established perks taken away.” On a positive note, for a limited time, Disney has extended Early Theme Park Entry to 60 minutes before park opening, from December 19th to January 3rd, 2022.

The common theme from our readers is that a big source of disappointment stems from having free perks taken away and replaced with costly options in addition to regular price increases. It’s true that a budget for a Disney World trip probably needs to be higher as we move forward, so keep following AllEars for more Disney World planning tips!

How much does a day in Disney World cost with Genie+?!

What changes have disappointed YOU the most? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Our Readers Wish These 5 Disney World Changes Never Happened”

  1. We’ve been going to Disney World since 1992 and became DVC members in 1994. We have a trip planned for January 2022. For the first time, I’m not that excited about it. I’m so fed up with the money hungry executives who have made the magic go away. I predict it will be our last trip for quite some time because my wife and I have decided to use our DVC to go to other places. Goodbye Disney World!

  2. its ok to not be able to afford disney or to have had enough. companies shouldnt have to stop selling $90000 cars just because i dont want one. quit counting other peoples money and youll be happier. not everybody gleefully passing you by is a “have”…maybe they just allocate more of their vacation dollars to disney and see value in time saving upcharges.

  3. I’m so tired of the term “free perk”. None of the things attributed to this classification are free. They are merely included as a benefit of something you are already paying for, usually a resort accommodation or package. The cost has already been factored into the price by Disney. Disney is merely repackaging its offerings as a way to raise more revenue while giving the appearance that the base offering (park entry or hotel room rack rate) is not changing (much). This is most certainly dividing the market into very distinct categories where the have-nots have little choice but to watch as the haves gleefully pass them by.

    Once I burn through the tickets I purchased prior to COVID, I will pass from the ranks of the “have-nots” to the other new category: “have-had-enough”.

  4. It breaks my heart. I have been a big fan of Disney for many years and a regular reader for many years. I do not know when or if I will ever be able to go back. I guess all I can say is that I hope those who can afford it enjoy their experiences.