PHOTOS: Casey’s Corner Looks Like It Could Open SOON in Disney World

We have been diligently keeping track of one of our favorite Quick Service restaurants in Disney World, Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom!

Casey’s has been closed for a long time!

This fan favorite with the glorious mini corn dogs has been closed for over a year, but we saw some hints today that it might reopen soon!

In case you haven’t been obsessively watching Casey’s Corner like we have, here’s a quick run down of where we are so far: Originally, there were no tables and you couldn’t see into the restaurant itself, just into the (empty) dining room attached to the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. Then, just a couple of weeks ago, we saw tables! You still couldn’t see into the restaurant, as the curtained doorway was closed and there were plastic drapes over the windows.

Casey’s has tables!

But today we saw Casey’s take two BIG steps towards reopening! First, they added chairs to the dining room!

There are chairs!

The dining room is still not completely set up, and it’s missing some seating, but it’s looking darn close to ready!

We can’t wait to sit down in these chairs with our mini corn dog nuggets!

And THEN there was another big change! See the doorway with the “Coca-Cola” sign over it? That leads into the restaurant, and it’s been closed since Casey’s closed last year! Now it’s open wide (well, with a rope strung across the entrance, but still!). And the plastic drapes covering the windows are gone as well, so you can see into the restaurant again!

We see Casey’s!

Casey’s Corner has not officially gotten a reopening date yet, but we’re hopeful that these changes are another step closer to the hot dogs, corn dogs, and french fries we love! Keep following AllEars for the latest Disney World news!

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Are you excited for Casey’s to reopen? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “PHOTOS: Casey’s Corner Looks Like It Could Open SOON in Disney World”

  1. Casey’s corner was a Childhood fAvorite during fireworks.

    I am hopeful it opens soon in time for my September trip