The Two VERY Different Cabins You Can Stay in at Walt Disney World

If you have an itch to embrace “the great outdoors” on your next Disney World vacation, there are ways to do so without wrestling with tent poles! While many guests choose to camp at Fort Wilderness, there are a couple of options that give you the best of both worlds — hotel-like accommodations inches away from more nature than you may realize is available at Disney World!

Fort Wilderness

There are two main “cabin” experiences at Disney World — those you can stay in at Fort Wilderness, and those you can stay in at Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Which one is right for your family? Let’s compare and find out!

The biggest difference you’ll notice right away is price. While the Cabins at Fort Wilderness can cost anywhere from $400 to $550 per night (reaching upwards of $600 per night or more during the holidays and peak travel seasons), the Copper Creek Cabins cost significantly more at roughly $2,000 to $3,000 per night, and can get up to $4,000+ during holidays!

Fort Wilderness Cabins

So what exactly do you get with a cabin that costs, at times, nearly ten times as much as the other? First, there’s more space. The Cabins at Fort Wilderness can sleep up to six adults, while the Copper Creek Cabins can sleep up to eight adults.

Copper Creek Cabin ©Disney

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness have multiple rooms, including a living room, bedroom, full bathroom, and private patio. The waterfront Copper Creek Cabins come with those same rooms and much more: two bedrooms, a full kitchen with an island, private porch and screened-in deck with a hot tub (that’s right, its own hot tub).

Copper Creek Cabin ©Disney

Essentially, the Copper Creek Cabins with all of their modern amenities feels more like a vacation home and less like a traditional “cabin,” whereas the Cabins at Fort Wilderness definitely give off more of a “campground” sort of feel.

Fort Wilderness Cabin

What do these cabins have in common? They’re actually quite close to one another in the Magic Kingdom resort area, so no matter which cabin you pick, you aren’t very far away from a theme park! Since they both offer cabin settings, there are a number of recreational activities available, including golf cart rentals, bike rentals, swimming, and more.

There’s lots to do on your day off from the theme parks at Fort Wilderness!

At Fort Wilderness, guests are encouraged to decorate the exterior of their cabins! The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are also one of the few hotel options that are dog-friendly. Fort Wilderness is also home to Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue which is massively popular and a lot of fun.

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

Ultimately, the choice of which cabin to pick will come down to your party’s needs and budget. Clearly, the Copper Creek Cabins will cost significantly more than the Cabins at Fort Wilderness, but Copper Creek provides more accommodations that make you feel like you’re truly “home.” Fort Wilderness, on the other hand, feels much more like your typical campground with all of the fun activities associated with it.

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Which cabin would you rather stay in: the Cabins at Fort Wilderness or Copper Creek Cabins? Let us know in the comments!

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